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**EDIT JUNE 23rd 2008**
I didn't know that NG allowed you to change the width and height of your submission after you submitted it, so when I came in here to post the proceeding message I shrunk it a little bit. If any unforeseen problems occur please send me a PM, and I'll fix it back to its old size!
If it's STILL too big to play please follow these steps! :)

1. Open the game in a pop-up.
3. Either press (It's different on a lot of computers) F11 or F12 to get rid of the top and bottom of the window
4. You should be able to fit the game more properly in your window now!
5. When you are finished playing the game push either F11 or F12. (which ever worked for step 3!)
6. Enjoy your day! :)

This is not the regular rhythm game you are used to; in it, you must pace yourself to the music and make it through each level before the time runs out. There are nine levels in total; can you unlock all of them? I hope you enjoy playing my game, and please do keep an open mind on the definition of, "Rhythm Game".


Great Game!!!!!!!!!!!

Good job on the game. I wonder if you made another one cause im going to check it out. If you dont then please make another one. On another note on the other "reviews" or basically comments this is not a hard or easy game. Its in the middle like normal. Great choice in difficulty.

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MrManiacMan responds:

Yay, you brought my review average score back up to 7.5! No, I have not yet made a second, but just for you there will be a second one. Really, I'm just thrilled that someone actually thought my difficulty was average.
Thank you for this awesome review, now I'm going to go pass out, over there...
Sincerely, MrManiacMan.

Not a bad way to spend some time...

Interesting way to kill time!

very good

that was a really nice break from the typical Rhythm games
thanks for that

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MrManiacMan responds:

Thanks for the 10/10! I'm glad that you liked the unusual charm of The Pacer, and you're welcome for the break.
Sincerely, MrManiacMan.


I loved it, Great music.

The only problems I found/Disliked, were, the turning system, and I went over some of the golden notes and it didn't collect them... :)

But anyway good game, and your owning all the haters :)

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MrManiacMan responds:

Thank you for taking the time to say what you thought about The Pacer! Whenever I actually get around to making the levels for the new Pacer, you really will be able to see a huge difference in how well it handles, so the turning system has been tweaked ever so slightly that it seems a whole world apart.
Now the whole note not being picked up thing, due to the fact that ALL of the hitTest functions (The function in Flash that does collision detection.) are all done with the CENTER of the player as the hit point. In other words, in order to hit a wall, touch a laser, or pick up a note you always have to touch it with the center of the player.
The real bug of this game is that you can bounce back-and-forth between two closely spaced walls very violently by hitting a wall with both the UP and DOWN arrow keys held down. You can eventually get off of the main course and find some helpful, but risky, shortcuts!
Anyway, thank you for playing and saying that I "Own all the haters"! I really find my response to that review to be quite satirical.

Sincerely, MrManiacMan.


lol this game should be called the sprinter instead. Awesome game and a bit too difficult for me atm. Interesting levels and good pace, though having such a low turning speed makes it kinda of annoying. I only finished a few levels before i quit, though that means try upon try. Great job and would be a bit more playable if it wasnt so hard. I agree that none of the levels are impossible, though playing flashgames, i dont have the time to master the controls. Great job and pleese post if yo make any new games, this one, despite the difficulty, was great

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MrManiacMan responds:

LOL, you just named the sequel! Anyway, I just named the game after my inspiration for it, The Pacer, an exercise we sometimes do in gym class. Funny thing is I actually did submit another game, but it scored very, VERY low causing me to yank it before it could mare my NG record. Also, don't be looking for a sequel to this game any time soon because I'm currently working on a very ambitious project at the moment, but it holds many elements from my previous games.
Thanks for the review, feel free to give me any suggestions on how to tone down difficulty in the future!
Sincerely, MrManiacMan.

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Jul 13, 2007
2:39 PM EDT