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happy potato atom sucks day or something like idk and i don't really give a shit either


Bland Really

Your artwork is quite good I must admit, however there is little animation. It's just a bunch of characters with simplistic loops. The sound was quite good, but just because you have a catchy song in the background doesn't mean you'll hit it big with sound, other than the song there was no sound. It's decent, but with your skills could've been better.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Artwork
*Good Animation
*Good Sound

|| Bad Points ||
*No Story
*Misleading Title

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Yet another vid I think I should have been on something while watching.
Please, don't think I'm bashing you;
the graphics were great (I will not lie about it)
The song was a great one, lol. (Captain Jack, DDR, for the person who asked below.)
But why that title? It's rather childish, if you ask me, but eh.


Graphics- They looked awesome, but you need more than just a loop of the same movment

Style- zero because it's very close to the glocks

Sound- Sweet song

Violence- None

Interactivity- play button works

Humor- None

Overall- I liked the song, but the flash wasn't entertaining & had nothing to do with the title (it's not that hard).
I think you're gonna get a lot of bickering from that title.

maybe more movement, like flashy objects & random pictures?

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dude the hell with that other guy, this OWNS!!!! not only is the title completely accurate, you get that rockin' tune in the video!

keep this up! perfect score!


not much for animation, the sound rocks, but why would u call the flash that? Ive seen alota the uzi socom er star stuff n most of it is very poor yet u insist that foamy sucks, i think theres a connection.

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1.27 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2007
7:37 PM EDT
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