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I think its ok, but its not my best work, not at all


not bad at all

if this isnt ur best, id like to see what is

Pretty cool

Hey, I gotta give you credit for drawing this by hand. I, too, animate by hand, so I know how much trouble it can be. But, ya gotta put more effort in it. I LOVED your line quality, but I wish the characters wern't quite as sketchy. Have an element of sketchyness (*sigh* doncha just love my terms?), but remember the anatomy and volume of a figure. That's crucial. But hey, I understand you said this wasn't your best. I await your best stuff dude!


It was pretty good you need to keep up the good work man

grow up guys

some of you need to learn how to write a review. " YOUR MOVIE SUCKS DONKEY BALLS ASS" aint a review. not even "GREAT FUCKIN MOVIE MAKE MORE" and i say that two but im gonna tery and not say that anymore. im learning wat a review is now and since im 17, im gonna start to act like a young adult. i suggest you guys do the same. because reading all these reviews from lil kids 13 and crap, really makes people including me not wanting to come to NG anymore. great movie and style. i hope your still animating cause you have great talent. oo i gave you a 10 on sound cause i add music for it while watching it.

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Kinda artistic...

but if i were you, i would put in more work.
Flash is an art.
Work it.

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2.72 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2001
10:10 PM EST