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The True Story of DOOM 1

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Author Comments

This is the first animation in Flash I make. Hope you enjoy it. Make sure you watch the entire thing and browse throughout the scene selection screen. Check parts 2 and 3 also.



coulda sped up the part were u walk through the hall way though 0_o

jucama responds:

hahaha, ok. thank you for your comments

it was ok

decently drawn, the part where he throws the blow up doll was swomewhat funny, it was a bit slow though. it really could've used a better ending gag and other littler gags throughout and mabye some voices from movies n' stuff, but otherwise not bad

jucama responds:

Thank you for your comments!

this sucks

it's very slow..
you get tired watching this... and it's not even funny

anyway i see you are une of the few authors that reads and answers peoples comments... that's good

jucama responds:

well... thank you for your comments... that is all I have to say...

OK'ish, but too slow

The animations are pretty bad, but it's kinda funny too. The pace is way too slow though - everything should go a lot faster. But everything considered, it's a lot better than I expected

By the way, what's with your replies? Do you copy-past "Thank you for your comments." or did you write a script for that?

jucama responds:

Thank you for your comments... and no, I DO read all of the reviews people give me. They are a way for me to improve and more than anything I consider that "thank you for your comments" line as a courtesy that means true gratitude


It was ... badly drawn and badly animated. But the "sorry lol" part was hilarious. 3.

jucama responds:

Thank you for your comments.

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2.79 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2007
10:20 AM EDT
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