Badly Drawn Dawg Series 1

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Made this back in January. Some of you might recognise him from the Impossible Quiz... well, this is where he started off!

It's not great, but I like it in a strange way... it's badly drawn on purpose, of course =p


Great movie

That movie is just great. My points above are only for info and thats even not needed to look at this because generally movie is great and almost ideal but, almost because I don't believe that is possible to make Ideal Flash movie.

Just great work :) !!

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he keeps getting hit with a brick!!!!!

Yay, Badly Drawn Dog!

I'm happy to see this awesome flash animation in Newgrounds. Go make series 3 :D

haha! original XD

very humorous indeed. The code for this dog is

#31 Q: listen A: Woof woof woof.

If you played the impossible quiz, it;s not a code. ._.
Very different art style especially because the music fits and how everything else has detail... but this one random dog. Plot was very childish and at time un-original but it doesn't effect this score. I deffinately hope to see continuation of this series because everyone including from the peanut gallery at home would enjoy it ;)


Great Job!

I started laughing at the very first scene and wasnt able to end even after the movie was over. Im a great fan of what I would call "Instant Jokes", like that rock hitting the dawg or that football at the end of the firs episode. I hope you will keep the series up and get mutch more good reviews ;)
5/5 10/10 and favourited for that!

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4.00 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2007
6:58 AM EDT
Comedy - Original