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Luis is Movin' on Up

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Luis is Movin' on Up

(Ps I fixed some things)

A Little sum sum for Luis day 07. I know i think i;m the only one who was stupid enough to do this. But hay i think its good for a 2 day job. :D Well Luis isn't Mexican i know but hes the only Mexican in the black church. :D Well you'll reconise him. So i hope you enjoy. Oh yes and Luis sings.... its sorta scary. :D Sorry for the big file size and the short film also.



There's a... Luis Day?! Well at least there was huh, those were the days! This was just hilarious, mostly because that's just such an unlikely situation. Good animation; great fun. The twirling around is... lmao, don't know what to say about it, it just cracks me up. Wonder if Luis watched this. :P



Again, I am going to be honest with you on this submission, it was nice, but there really wasn't much to the submission. The graphics were okay and for the most part that wasn't really the problem. Maybe I had a hard time connecting with the submission itself, but whatever. I just did not feel like it was made that well, it wasn't fun to watch and it did not provide any real entertainment. Meh.

Good job pezzy

Nice job pez! The graphics and animation weren't all that great but the idea overall was really funny. I laughed all the way through :DD

cool one

that was a pretty nice animation. i didn't really get the whole plot to this one, but it was still cool either way. the graphics were nice, cool characters, nice choice of audio and your efforts were good.

That was funny

Very goood idea. I liked how Kings of Queens was the inspiration to this. Very nice frame by frame animating in this. The voice acting at the end though wasn't very clear. Some of the mouth animating could have been better.. but other than that everything looked good. nice work! "moving on up" is a great song, haha I liked this flash.

Pezboy440 responds:

Thanks for the good review and thanks for liking KOQ.

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3.55 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2007
10:01 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody