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Don't Like The Slow, Laggy Version? Download The Desktop Version!! Link: http://www.theorangeday.c om/Content/Full/KMRdeskto p.exe

Please give it time to load, it's kind of big...

My entry to the Rockout Competition!

Finally Done. After about 5 months of on/off work, it's complete. It's my first entry to the portal, not inlcuding my co-author.

Please Vote Accordingly.

Quick Description: The game has a DDR esque feel to it. it has meny options and choices. Ialready set a good option setr for you, the reccommended. Anyway, if your computer is good, you can turn up the options. Also, the game autoloads and saves, but you can manually load and save your game in the options menu.


You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Man i guess nobody gets it!
this game is more of a parody to DDR than a tribute :P
the idea is awesome!!!!!!

if you wanna have a good score just continually mash the keys to get a lot of the arrows.

seriously man...

the title fits the game (can't these people just read instead of pointlessly listening to the music???)

(i gave you a 5 :P)

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It;s a fixer uper

Cool game. It would be harder if you fixed the button glitch

Nice 'n fast

I really liked the game, a perfect game for your reflexes and enjoyable ^^
The songs are nice too but i agree with 25-to-Life, maybe a few more songs will make this even more enjoyable.
I also like the arrow design, not something you'll see in a every day flash.
a bit laggy perhaps but the download idea is absolutely brilliant, Maybe a online Highscore board would make it more challanging ^^.
All i can say that this game is absolutely Brilliant, Dataslayer is wrong about you.


- Zerowinger

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very fun

awsome game.and its not even that hard people.

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hard but good

thats pretty good i thought it was good so ill give it a 10 but try and make an easier one please ^_^

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3.37 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2007
5:36 PM EDT