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Don't Like The Slow, Laggy Version? Download The Desktop Version!! Link: http://www.theorangeday.c om/Content/Full/KMRdeskto p.exe

Please give it time to load, it's kind of big...

My entry to the Rockout Competition!

Finally Done. After about 5 months of on/off work, it's complete. It's my first entry to the portal, not inlcuding my co-author.

Please Vote Accordingly.

Quick Description: The game has a DDR esque feel to it. it has meny options and choices. Ialready set a good option setr for you, the reccommended. Anyway, if your computer is good, you can turn up the options. Also, the game autoloads and saves, but you can manually load and save your game in the options menu.



grate games maqn one of the best well done. keep up the good work

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good game needs improvment

i think it was a really good game but it would be nice to have a faster response time on the keys, otherwise great game

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that sucked

the music (some) was good
so you get a one

Way To Easy

Um... I can FC all of these... their so easy. If you play FFR than u know that this is extremely easy. Rofl, try making one that you really have to mash. It should be harder than Masters Only on FFR which I can almost FC... (FC = Full Combo)

LAG... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

The Key Capture Function catch too much resource by for...in loop for all the arrows. put 4 sub clip in to filed and put one kind of arrow into the sub clip may make this faster.

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DrRobot responds:

What? i'm a little lost on what you're saying...

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