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Don't Like The Slow, Laggy Version? Download The Desktop Version!! Link: http://www.theorangeday.c om/Content/Full/KMRdeskto p.exe

Please give it time to load, it's kind of big...

My entry to the Rockout Competition!

Finally Done. After about 5 months of on/off work, it's complete. It's my first entry to the portal, not inlcuding my co-author.

Please Vote Accordingly.

Quick Description: The game has a DDR esque feel to it. it has meny options and choices. Ialready set a good option setr for you, the reccommended. Anyway, if your computer is good, you can turn up the options. Also, the game autoloads and saves, but you can manually load and save your game in the options menu.


It was iight

The game was pretty nice, i think the whole mashing parody is kinda funny, first time i played i actually was trying to hit the arrows at the right time, but then i figured it all out, lol, but the game play wasn't exactly that fun, i kind of got bored real quick. Other than that nice game and great choices of songs


Its ok
But its hard to tell if you got them or not cause they don't disapear when you get it

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You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Man i guess nobody gets it!
this game is more of a parody to DDR than a tribute :P
the idea is awesome!!!!!!

if you wanna have a good score just continually mash the keys to get a lot of the arrows.

seriously man...

the title fits the game (can't these people just read instead of pointlessly listening to the music???)

(i gave you a 5 :P)

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Unfortunately, you were off by a lot

Whenever you make a clone to say, Mario Bros or something like that, accuracy is pretty easy to handle. But when you create a DDR clone, the grading curve gets tense.

See. I play DDR in the arcades, and I also use a DDR emulation program on my PC. (You may or may not have heard about it). In those games the arrows have to be EXACT with the music, or your arrows become a mess of galumphing around with no direction.

Granted, I am by no means a Flash artist. But there has to be a way to tune your arrows better to the music, or else you will get bad marks from a lot of loyal DDR fans.

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^^Good Points^^
It looked like a really promising game. You had a very cool menu setup that looked a lot like DDR or some game similar to that. A good selection of music, and a pleasing aesthetic look.

^^Needs Improving^^
Once I started playing I was really disappointed though. I'm pretty sure it wasn't just me, and this didn't seem to be synced to the music at all. The steps just seemed to be quite random to me and not following the beat of the music at all.

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DrRobot responds:


Yea, the interent really messed things up for it...

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3.37 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2007
5:36 PM EDT