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Edit: Some people are complaining that the blocks don't fall on the rhythm... I replayed the game several times, and they really are falling to the rhythm, just not always to the rhythm of the melody.
possible moments:

beginning of the melody note
beginning of the bass note
end of the melody note
end of the bass note
drum cymbal

Edit 2: I'm aware of the problem that suddenly the notes can stop falling (doesn't happen frequently, chance is about 1/25).... I tried to solve this, but couldn't really find the problem. I'm sorry, but if you run into this problem, just go back and play the song again.
Hint: Try to get to the medium-hard levels, they are way more fun than the 2 easy levels.

In this rhythm based game, it's your goal to become a rock god while touring 8 different festivals.

The game includes 8 songs: 2 easy, 4 medium, 2 hard

Hit the arrow keys to the rhythm of the music, read the instructions for further information.

Good luck, and enjoy!

PS: Thank you to the music artists for the great music!


Work needed.

To be honest it was bad, but I'm giving you a 5. The sync was late, really late. Sure the game is easy but you can't play it with a blind fold! The easy songs were just too slow, it would have been better if you put more notes. In some games don't put a timer it makes it seem slower. Fix the multiplier. At least make the notes change color when you hit them to show If you got perfect or bad. This needs a lot of fixing.

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Isuwyn responds:

Thank you for the review...
This is the kind of feedback I need ;)


another guitar hero knockoff music is no good

No Good

This game doesn't register hits. fix it. also the music doesn't go with the melody which is stupid. this isn't a rhythm game. they don't even match up! work on it and also the music is boring!


Well... 1st, even the rythm... This doesn't even suit the rythm genre.. And the game does not allways register key notes.. I didn't play through the 1st concert, beacuse it got too frustrating, and boring... sorry, try again =/

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no good

The thing about the game is this: The music sucks, and the game doesn't register key notes. And its not rythmically accurate at all. Work on it man. This is not good right now. One more thing: Add some more notes. You need to make it more challenging

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Jul 11, 2007
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