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Wiggi Rescue

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This game is a tribute to Icy Tower, so please vote fairly on my game, and not just on the fact it's based on icy tower.


The first DECENT submission to the Wiggi World contest is finally here :D Brought to you by Bendo and Skeik, enjoy this game.

Skeik Says: "This game was originally supposed to be Higher and Higher 2. It contains a completly different and better engine, with increasing difficulty. Most of the things people complained about are now fixed, and the graphics are A+ thanks to Bendo. Enjoy!



I found it rather boring, really.


I'm saying this to the last guy who reviewed this
Dude have you read at all what he said.
It's a tribute...let me explain what is since you clearly don't know the meaning of that.
It means that he likes the game that's why he has a similar game to it.
Only to praise it.
So before you hit the review button next time. read what he says.


I don't know why this game isn't getting more attention. I found it to be very fun and addictive. I think people just aren't understanding how the score system and jumping system work. You should explain it better in the instructions. My high score so far is 4860.

Anyway, as far as criticism, the value of this game would increase dramatically if there was a high score list. Also, I'd like to see a little more depth when it comes to wall comboing. There should be an ability to double your score twice, and no, I do not mean by just bumping off the wall two times as you fall. I was doing some hardcore combos by jumping off of one wall, then flying the whole way across the screen, bouncing off the other wall, then landing on an edge for another combo, but I was disappointed when I saw the second wall bounce didn't earn me any extra points. So yeah, there should be a combo if you bound off both walls.

Lastly, there was a bug I found when I'd get stuck against the wall, but I wouldn't sweat too much over it as I've only seen it once in the two days I've been playing.

Anyway, great work, really. I hope to see more from you.


wasn't all that good... especially if you are trying to win a contest...
i realize it is meant for kids but it is meant for 5-12 not just 5 year olds... also the jump is too consistent... you should make it so you can conrol the strength of your jump by releasing early... due to the slowness of the jump this game is impossible to get very far in...

Skeik-Sprite responds:

I always make my platformers in a way that you can release the button to jump lower. You probably just don't realize it because you never let go of the button.


Why are childrens so stupid and climb that high? i mean why does they dont play on the ground? and why arent 2 childrens on the same platform?! is everyone playing alone?! they are boring!
and if they made a contest in "who's getting first on the top" why dont they made a contest in "who's reaching the floor first"?! if they can jump up, why cant they jump back?!?! nope, they are stupid, so an blue dentist-like ninja(which isnt much larger than those stupid kids) need to safe them!

and what is happening to him when he falls down? does he die? no, i think, he cast a ninja spell to teleport him down, but if he do so, why cant he cast this spell to get up?!

everyone in this game is stupid!(i said IN this game, so dont get it wrong!)

so, the game is based for lil childrens, but made it please next time more logical :/

BUT WAIT, this game is based for lil childrens...? why is it than on newgrounds?
ohkay, there is a age rating for everyflash, which is good, but some people are tooooo stupid when they upload an flash and forget to change this age rating!
so, a lil kid would watch maybe a movie here on newgrounds which includes alot of blood... i dont think its good for a lil children, but i think this ais a lil bit toooo "off topic"

anyway, the game looks o.k. - good and the gameplay makes fun, 4/5

(ps: if there are a lot grammatical errors in this review, im sorry, im not an master of the english language :/ )

Skeik-Sprite responds:

It doesn't matter that the english wasn't good, this was the funniest review I've ever seen in my life.

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3.26 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2007
6:56 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other