SSBM: The Knee

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I'm getting pretty tired of responding to the comments, so let me clear some things up. I've been playing in international smash tournaments for about three years now. I don't claim to be a pro, or close, but in the very least I have a good understanding of the intricacies of this game.

I know what l-cancelling is, but I didn't find it necessary to ensure that all of my footage was integrated with it, because these aren't real matches. They are staged for the sake of footage.

These combos can be teched and DI'd out of. I know that. That doesn't mean the knee is any less effective or any bit of a 'noob move.' The point is that you juggle your opponent and knee them while they are in hitlag, therefore giving them no chance to respond.

I did not have to read the manual to figure out how to knee. It didn't not take me years to perfect. Please try to pick up on the humor and sarcasm, if only for a second.

If you feel the need to post about how good you are at this game and how easy you can beat me, please don't. I'm just going to be a dick and say it- I will beat you hands down. I don't care what you say. The people who trash-talk are the ones that suck the most.

oh, and also. Ganon can't do the knee.



mmmmmmmmmmm, i don't get ...mmmmm babra straisand....

i really hope this submission was a joke...it was right? i swaer you only have to press forward in the air+ a to use the knee. the knee does not need to be mastered since it's really basic...RIGHT? RIGHT!!!!

Afro-Ninja responds:

Yes, did you even bother reading the comments? Thanks.


Really this is sorta sad. Now im not trying to offend because im not that type of person but I take it your one of those geeks at the computer all day if not by a game consule and am picked on by people because they dont understand u? Reason I say this is that is when u said "I did not have to read the manual to figure out how to knee. It didn't not take me years to perfect. Please try to pick up on the humor and sarcasm, if only for a second." I whould have to say no, I didnt pick it up becuz im freakin READING this stuff and sarcasm is picked up by the way you talk! And fact it that the nee isnt that great of a move. Fact is that in the new smash brawl (ya i know this vid is old) i cud dominate u with Ike easily becuz Falcon is crap in the new Smash. Im really evem sure why im comenting becuz im a vet and ur way outta my leuge. Whatever u go on thinkin that yur the best becuz fact it that theirs more to life than just video games.


foxs fire fox move has one of the lowest priorities in the game just about anymove will knock him out of it. and if you see fox doing it then you should take advantage of its incredibly long lag time to spike him which is far more effective because fox is a fast faller and will have almost no chance of survivng.

This is terrible

It was just to boring for me. why would you want to use the same move over and over?

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Jul 10, 2007
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