Charater Battle Prologue

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EDIT2: 3.09? Wow! My first decent submission!
I change the image quality.
Prologue to a sprite fighting series.
EDIT3: I fixed the problem about the replay button.
EDIT4: CB Prologue is now correct about the music! Its okay if you running slow.
EDIT5: 3,120 view?!?! WOW! Thanks guys for viewing my series!
EDIT6: 6,769 views!!! OMG!! I'm so surpised!

Finally, this is out!
Spent almost 20 days on this!
I'm happy to say Charater Battle Prologue has been released!

It has all the characters from the CHARATER BATTLE series.
Like Tails , Sonic , Naruto and more.

Hope you enjoy!

FPS: 12
Days spent: 11


The image quality will be change later.

Edit: If the music manage to be out of order, change your quality to low or medium.

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hahaha lmao

sonic killed pico in his sleep that just made me laugh i find tails appearens ANYWEAR a rare time...hes never useually around is he?
but anyway i say you deserve 10/10 5/5....cuz this makes ma get the giggles funny random fights lmaoz

pretty cool

The backgrounds were wonderful, and I think you mispelled "character" at the end. But It was a nice flash. Sprites aren't my favorite thing, but still good. I hope to see more.

Other people

what about the other people
They helped didn't they :/


Really lost here, I'm wondering, do you purposely mispell "Character" or was it an accident? As I see in the comments, and at the end of the video it is also spelled incorrectly, so I'm assuming it was on purpose. Other than that it was pretty neat, I didn't really think much of the sprite work, but the backgrounds are what got me, really nice. ^_^

PicoZX responds:

Thanks for the 10!
I made Character wrong because is the name of the series. ^_^'
I know its spelled wrong.
So the answer is purposely.
Its suits is better.
Thanks for noticing!

Nice Job!

After seeing this i think i'm gonan watch all the other Character Battle episodes to see if there just as good.Keep up the good work.

PicoZX responds:

Thank you! =D

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4.10 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2007
9:25 PM EDT
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