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FbF Attack

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Not really much to say about it for the general viewer. Just, a Frame By Frame animated stick attacks some fuck ass village. Just watch the damn thing.
For the animators:The Stick (and his relations) is done FbF, all the rest is tweened.
So, it's actually, a metaphoric battle between the two styles of animations



Excellent, good job! I did feel a little brain damage. In fact, I could be writing this review from heaven... 0__o Anyway, it was violent, funny, fast, and it included stick figures kicking ass. That is my kind of flash! Loved it, rated a 5.

Soupcat responds:

Wow. Praise from an angel.
This must be my Kampoozalbablacricha day! =D

I think I picked the right genre ^_^
Thanks for the review man, I love you for ever and ever for it.



Tweenbags! thats halrious

Soupcat responds:

Thx ^^


hahaha finally!

you finally finished!! good job....

Soupcat responds:

What you taklin' 'bout Davi' Hasselhoff?

Yeah, it took me a while.... =p
Meh, people like it ^^

...and then you're all like, whoa.

Constructive criticism: Ummm, let's see. Uhhh, make it less confusing? No wait, that would mean a plot or something, and I do not a plot to enjoy an animation! So forget what I just said. Good job and congratz.

Soupcat responds:

Haha, thanks man!
Yeah, a plot would be a bit usefull. But I didn't really feel like it. Sucks to us. Again, thanks for the review! Really appreciated =D


Very well done!

And it's true about the grinding thing! We need something different with MMORPGs! and about the other stuff too! This made my day to watch!

Soupcat responds:

Yeah! Indeed! The new black tarantulas these days aren't really what they could do in the past.
But hey, that's the democrats for me.

Thx for the review ^^

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3.52 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2007
9:14 PM EDT