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Lazer Labyrinth Beta

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***Update: I have fixed cheating, if you still find a bug where you can cheat please let me know.
Hello, this is a beta version to my mouse avoiding game called Lazer Labyrinth. The point of the game is to move the lazer (mouse) from start to finish and avoid hitting walls and objects.

One day, a warrior named Chavesquert came upon The Castle of Darkness. He heard a humongous roar. He had a powerful sword with magical powers, the powers to shoot a lazer. The lazer was a smart one. After it accomplished a task, it always returned to it's master. So, he decided to shoot the lazer into the castle to see what lies within.

--Full Version Features--
Random Effects
Updated Graphics
Soundtrack Selection
Many more levels
and much much more!


This was pretty good! Not the first mouse maze of its kind, but the first one I've played with an actual story. The gradients probably aren't the best way to enhance the graphics, but apart from that it was a fun play. Keep it up!



You can still cheat, just click the green box to start and then move away from it, right click then click on the finish box and you can cheat.

nice one

that was a pretty nice labyrinth style game. it was a little bit easy overall, but it still had a challenge to it.

awesome game

like what i just said. also there is a glich where a have to do is click and hold the mouse and you can go though the wall with out getting hurt.

Good Game for a beta

Graphics 5

The Quality of the Graphics was okay.

Style 7

I liked the style, it was what I think is good for a mouse-avoider.

Sound 8

I really liked the music you used, it was not annoying at all.

Interactivity 5

It is a mouse avoider afterall.

Overall 7

I think you are on a good way, I'm waiting for the final version.

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2.87 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2007
11:28 AM EDT
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