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Tom is Gay

December 11, 2001 –
November 9, 2010
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Check it out! Tom Fulp reviewed this movie! ;-)


How is this rated everyone lolz???

more of a .gif than a movie. and Tom Fulp has a room that's nothing but colors?!?!?!? AWESOME!!!!!

best evar

...but then lame

nao ta vendo? muda sua imagem CHIMBINHA THE MASTER para Tio1.jpg

I was laughing about how it says "Suitable For All Audiences" :)!!!111!

yup like the flash said s not my fault


best thing on NG.

i have nothing against tom or anything, but this is just plain FUNNY.
people need to stop giving this guy shit 'cause he made a little fun.

me and my sister are watching this, still, and waithing for it to end, and its been 7 minutes.
right on

what the big deal about tom fulp review number? it all right tom you ban anybody you like .................................HO!!

"It's OK but my initials are N A G(lucky)

it was good

tis guy is a lucky as a leperchan

its good that tom is not mad at u. That took some balls.


cool video but i wanna make a point, tom fulp might be the creator of newgrounds.. but heres what you folks dont get. HES NOT A GOD! its just a stupid parody... comeon.. so someone make a joke on tom fulp... get over it

It's true.

just kidding! but anyways that was worth a good laugh, oh yeah some people should lighten up its just a joke.(or so i hope)

the picture is not the bad part that you actualy haf to look up that picture and edit it!

wow yo that takes alot of balls to joke the guy who runs the show i know its know big deal to crake jokes cause thats the only way to live to be 80 but yo that was twisted once again wow yo

It's really really funny how you all took this so personally. It's obvious this was only made to rile people up and get their attention...and well, you people predictably fell for it. Good job.

This is still here cuz Tom has a sense of humor. I'm sorry but i fukin laughed

If that were to be his house, he would have a seizure.
Personally, I see nothing TOO wrong with this (other than the over all penis to ass ratio)since this is poking fun at someone is certain ways, and you can do that on newgrounds.
There are many ways to do that as well
Apparently, this is one of them..
Let's just leave it at that.
"Tom" looks high though.

At the very first second of this movie, I laughed out loud, Litteraly.

I know this was ment as a joke, but still it's wrong to insult Tom like this.

4 all we know, it was sum chick. o well....ehhh he probably does bat both ways and thats ok with me.

hahaha. thats funnny. ppl need to stop being such a fucking ass kisser too tom fulp. if tom gave this a fucking 3 then you shouldnt give this a 0.

when i saw this i thought gee maybe tom fulp is gay.good job i always wanted someone to do that.the guy he was having sex though looked like a a girls body to be honest but still its funny

I must say that toms walls change colour alot x.x must be annoying living in his house. It was a bit funny though :o but x.x not that funny :P

I found this kinda funny.

Hahaha, I admit it was a little disturbing to see gay porn but it's funny how you make fun of tom.

but you have to admit... it was hella funny

It would of been funny if tom was taking it up the ass, then it would be more gay

What scares me is where you got that picture of the two men. Maybe that should be your face instead of Tom's

take it easy its just a joke

It was funny but depressing. Why can't I be having sex with Tom?

haha, love the rating....

Tom is cool, don't get me wrong. You have a lot of balls kittyslasher!

That was funny. Enough said.

I thought this was supposed to be a humor website! What is everybody whining about? The film is excellent in it's simplicity. The expression on Mr. Fulp's face is perfect. The rainbow background is perfectly cheesy. And the soundtrack with that ridiculous and gay song by actual homo, Elton John, ices it. Not the best, but I've seen a hell of a lot worse.

As bad as you think the movie and its author are, the reviews and the reviews are much dumber. The reviews are 15 pages of people being stupid assholes.

The movie itself was funny in a simple kinda way.

Oh my god this movie gave me wood. YOU RULE !!

after reading the other reviews, and watching this, i have to say is it's kinda tasteless and not very funny (note that i didn't say it wasn't funny at all). but i do agree with one of the reviewers, the person on the recieving end could have been a chic. the angle and the fact that the head wasn't there made it hard to tell. also lets face it folks, this is Tom's site. if he didn't want this here, he wouldn't have left it up for everyone to see, which shows that tom has a sense of humor and can take a joke. so to all you folks doggin' kittyslasher and defending Tom, please get out more and grow up. Tom can take care of himself, but i guess your showing your support for the site (albeit in an immature and homophobic way.)

Come on guys, it's not that bad! Ok, so it's basically Tom's moving head attached to a still body with pretty rainbow colors in the background. The expression on his face was great, and the music fit perfectly! But still, I found it a little funny, and if Tom can have a sense of humor about it, I think we should too. And for God's sake people, if you're going to complain, at least use some correct spelling (grammar would help too).

LOL. I don't knwo why I started to laugh.

Hhaha i read all the previous reviews, my favorite was from wataten_24 "is that you?" ahhaha.

Come on folks! If you don't like it, do what I did . . . close the window. It's terrible that the people who give this the most negative reviews are obvious homophobes . . . and terrible spellers . . . thusly, idiots. So it wasn't funny (except for the Elton John, which is funny enough in its own right). That doesn't mean you have to parade your own prejudiced, degenerate character for all to see.

I wonder if Tom really does that? ;)

Heh heh heh.... that was actually kinda funny. Everyone's so pissed about this, but I think it's one of the funnier Tom-bashing things I've seen thus far. Which isn't saying THAT much, though. And I think Tom's got a sense of humor - this is just nuts enough to be funny.

do you think you may have crossed a line? most of the time i laugh at things like that, but thistime i didnt find it funny. i think its the weather.

First of all tom is the man! 2nd He proves it in this film, HAHA. Naw but really this was an interest crack at newgrounds and tom all together. The film was decent atleast right! Atleast it wasnt some damn stickfigure with tom's head on it. he gave ya a decent body to. And from what the girl that sits next to me in class says, she thought you were hot other than the fact that you were fucking a guy. lol So dont feel that bad.

IF tom gave it a 3 despite rudely insulting him then its gotta be good! Thats why I'm giving you a 5(as far as the review goes)


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