Tips on Boredom

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this text box called me a name, so im done typing


that was just great

good job. good job

cakemeat responds:

thank you, dont know if it was worth 10s all over, but i hope it was funny, and helpfull

That was funny

I know it was kinda stupid and the drawings were poor but I burst out laughing a couple times. That doesn't happen on newgrounds to often anymore. I especialy liked the rap one, the carrot one, the aerosol one, and the game that doesn't make sense!

That was great!

I took some of your suggestions, but did a little mixing, so instead of just asking your cat why it doesn't speak English AND having an aerosol fight, I had an aerosol fight WITH my cat! YAY!! Good movie... well, I should say, good suggestions. Now, all you have to do is put it to just a tad better animation

Now this was better...

You have humor! I like that quality in a person. This was actually...kinda cute, cakemeat. Do some more funny stuff like this, and you're in like...uh! Well you get the idea. Anyways...

cakemeat responds:

thank you, i am pretty much new (1 week) and im focusing on comedy and originality now, so all you that say the anim sucks on anything of mine... duh, fuck you

heeey.. that was funny.

Not bad. Although the animation sucked, since obviosuly you don't have a lot of experience in flash yet, it had a lot of style. Thats why I'm giving it an overall of 6.

If you could combine something like this with good animation then you could probably hit the 2 point range. Which is actually hard to do with all the assholes out there.

BTW I loved that beverage part :p

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2.77 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2001
6:55 AM EST
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