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Okay well this is Zwikel's and my submition for the Rockout contest ^^ have fun playing.


Well simple DDR game, Press the arrow keys in response to the keys on screen. The keys come in sets of 4, you must complete the sets in order or wait until the end of the set. Be warned though waiting until the end of a set isn't the greatest idea... Time is points. Getting a wrong key will lose you points.

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bla no one rede theas reviews

havent played yet but sounds good >:)


It's decent....at best. Add some more animations--improve on the current ones. More music. And make it more challenging ._. I found myself continuously doing the same thing over and over. 6/10.

preety kool

preety kool, just make them more like thoose danceing machines like better music for example pop or dance music not rock. And if u could make the swf smaller with actionscript them maybe u could add more songs and u could choose which one.

This could be good, but..

This game has the poential of being really addictive and really good, but it lacks any real difficulty. The game is so easy to play that you really don't enjoy the game that much. The storyline was rather lack luster and pointless and I did not really enjoy the submission because of that. Not great.

Beating this was a chore.

The songs were long, repetitive, and boring. There were only 3 levels, and it was easy as sin. Better songs and more levels. That's what it needs.