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Harry Potter INA

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Hey peeps! We're back! with a whole new potter cartoon in honor of the Movie and Final Book coming out with in the next 2 weeks or so.

(Keep reading to find out how you can watch the alternet Saw ending)

This is one of our longer cartoons so if you don't like long cartoon don't click. although we did everything we could to make it a fast load. Also before the hate mail starts, this is all in good fun if you can't take a joke or think potter shouldn't be made fun of then please don't watch.

We also have a sort of contest going if you can name at least 22 80's references (There are more then 44 )rangeing from cartoons to movies to music to tv shows and email us your list at inastaff@inastudios.com We will send you a link with in a day or so of the Alternate SAW Ending that didn't make the cut!.

PS yes one of the newgrounds Nerds is in this one To Plug the site that give us all a place to be creative.



"i wouldnt trade this moment for all the money in gringotts" HAHAHAHA!!!!! stupid pervs


freakin retards!-perverts!


Truely one of the best Newgrounds parodys.

Never thought I'd like it, but

That was funny! The voices were a bit slow and slightly annoying, but the story was good. Poor Potter can't get some, too bad!


Harry Potter the Pervert fantastic busted a gut laughing! 9/10 only some of the voice acting clashing with the music let you down.

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4.15 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2007
3:03 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody