Twilight Princess Quiz.

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*Please suggest this for the Zelda Collection*

There aren´t many Zelda: Twilight Princess quizes around (yet), so I made one. I tried not to ask "the usual", but more detailed questions about the game instead.

It contains 40 questions in total. Since I really hate having to go back to question 1 again after a wrong answer I invented the following point system:
Easy: +100 if answered right, -50 if wrong
Medium: +200 right, -100 wrong
Hard: +300 right, -150 wrong
The maximum score is 7000 points. It is possible to have a negative score! The minimum score is -3500.

The music is from zreomusic.com.

Please enjoy,

*If there are any mistakes/bugs/etc. please let me know*


Very well done!! :)

haha you make me feel like Im an expert :D
and I LOVE that song for the music, its so peaceful.
I go to the fishing hole just to listen to it! lol
you did a great job :]
but! I didn't like the way you made the score chart work out!!
I hated losing the points I had gained. lol

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How's 6550 is that good?

Auz responds:

That´s the second best score so far ;)

Thanks for the review :)

I got all of them right

I got all of them because I have the game and I beat it

That was a good quiz, I'll definitely pay more attention next time I play the game. ^^'

Grand Quiz for my favorite game!

It was a good quiz, pretty hard, really. Even if I've played and beaten it a few times, now! When it came to hard, it was hard. When it was easy, it was " I can do it with my eyes close " easy, when it came to medium, it was " Oh....I think I need my eyes again. " medium. Hah hah! Anyways, it was good! The audio was good, although I wish you would've played the Hyrule Field theme song instead, it still earns a 10 out of 10 because you did a great job!

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Auz responds:

I prefered this song because it was, in my opinion, very relaxing and more suitable for a quiz than the Hyrule Field theme.

Thanks a lot for the 10/10 overall score and also thanks a lot for reviewing miss Ita. I´m very glad you liked it =)

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Jul 8, 2007
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