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*Please suggest this for the Zelda Collection*

There aren´t many Zelda: Twilight Princess quizes around (yet), so I made one. I tried not to ask "the usual", but more detailed questions about the game instead.

It contains 40 questions in total. Since I really hate having to go back to question 1 again after a wrong answer I invented the following point system:
Easy: +100 if answered right, -50 if wrong
Medium: +200 right, -100 wrong
Hard: +300 right, -150 wrong
The maximum score is 7000 points. It is possible to have a negative score! The minimum score is -3500.

The music is from zreomusic.com.

Please enjoy,

*If there are any mistakes/bugs/etc. please let me know*


Not bad...

It's pretty good. I don't know anything about Twilight Princess. But the game itself was pretty well made.

Auz responds:

Thanks for the review :)

Nice quiz

It was quite challenging too and had a good amount of quality questions too,the layout was a bit bland but it was still a good quiz.

Auz responds:

Yeah I know the lay-out could be better. I´m not too good with drawing and image programs so this was pretty much the best I could possibly make.

Thanks for your review Molotov :)

Nice quiz

Your right there are absolutly no flashes or games about TP. Im gonna finish mine eventualy =)

The music from the fishing hole was a good choice for the quiz. I liked how you didn't send us back to level 1 after we get a question wrong. I winded up getting 2600.

The thing I didn't like was that some of the pictures weren't clear enough, or they didn't show enoughof the place for someone to reconise.

Good, know make some hentai =)

~Review Request Club~

Auz responds:

There is one other Twilight Princess Quiz around, but I didn´t liked that one to be honest. The questions were too easy, mostly it was the usual "In which temple can you get this item?"-stuff. But it has inspired me to make this quiz and ask different sort of questions. Although I am worried now that I perhaps made this one a little too hard. It seems none of the TP players who played this got a higher score then 3000 :s

About the pictures: I agree some were of very bad quality, but I couldn´t get any better ones. The location-pictures were supposed to show very little of the location so that you had to look closely. I know one of the last pictures with the sparks flying was kind of insane though :) Probably a complete guess for everyone.

And I am NEVER EVER going to make a hentai quiz :p It´ll make me look bad.

Anyways, thanks for the helpful review Imacow :)

A good quiz.

^^Good Points^^
Well, I don't play TP at all, so I was pretty much in the dark as far as the answers go. However, it was still an enjoyable game. I agree with you, restarting a quiz is really annoying, so I like the progressive scoring system. Labeling the questions' difficulties was also a cool feature. Overall, some cool concepts in this one. I think if I ever make another quiz game, I'll integrate some of your ideas.

^^Needs Improving^^
Nothing really specific in this. I think you could have had some kind of reward for certain scores or something, just to make the end more interesting.

Review Request Club.

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Auz responds:

Hmm a reward is nice, I agree. But I can´t think of a good, satisfieing reward to be honest. And I´m deffinatly not gonna turn this into a Zelda hentai quiz or something :-/

Oh well. Anways, thanks for the review milinko :)

Good Quiz

I liked it. I would have done better if I had played the game. I haven't played a Zelda game since Ocarina of Time. Anyway as far as the quiz interface goes it ran smooth for me and I really have no problem. The filesize was low which helped with loading on my internet connection and once it loaded it ran nice. I liked it and the questions seemed good for someone who has played the game. I liked it and if I ever get around to playing the game I will probably go through the quiz again.

Review Request Club

Auz responds:

Well I am glad it ran smooth on your comp, at least I´m sure there´s nothing wrong with the file now.

Thank you for the review :)

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