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Twilight Princess Quiz.

rated 3.58 / 5 stars
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Jul 8, 2007 | 1:18 PM EDT

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Author Comments

*Please suggest this for the Zelda Collection*

There aren´t many Zelda: Twilight Princess quizes around (yet), so I made one. I tried not to ask "the usual", but more detailed questions about the game instead.

It contains 40 questions in total. Since I really hate having to go back to question 1 again after a wrong answer I invented the following point system:
Easy: +100 if answered right, -50 if wrong
Medium: +200 right, -100 wrong
Hard: +300 right, -150 wrong
The maximum score is 7000 points. It is possible to have a negative score! The minimum score is -3500.

The music is from

Please enjoy,

*If there are any mistakes/bugs/etc. please let me know*



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Questions werent 2 hard and i liked that. I think i did pretty good 2!

Auz responds:

I tried to make them just right for those that have played the game.

Thanks a lot for your review and for the 10/10 :p


Rated 5 / 5 stars


550... i've newer play LoZ TW but i'm not idiot
nice quiz

Auz responds:

Thank you very much :)

Good score for someone who never played the game.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good yet some were wrong.

Q4, there is a Lost woods, it's the place with the skull kid with the horn that summons puppets, and has the master sword. This one was defietly your "Out of the ordinary" quiz, with questions that you don't see too often. Now for your Ratings.

Audio: Great songs, the Zelda franchise has always had the greatest video game soundtracks. (10/10)

Interactivity: It's a quiz, of course it's interactive, though anyone can make a button clicking game. (if they have flash maker) so it could've better. (I recommend an easter egg thrown in there that leads to an even more challenging quiz, or maybe even a fun, yet small, zelda flash game, perhaps even a demo of a future game, worth a shot) (8/10)

Video: The pictures could have been better quality, and you could've thrown in a cool zelda backgroud, or a small movie for a background, and also a ranking guide, just to show all those damn Zelda fan wannabes that they don't know shit about Zelda. (6/10)

Originality: A video game quiz, not exactly screaming originality, though you make up for that with some original questions. (9/10)

Humor: No humor, it's a quiz, but I'm gonna let this one slide on account of it being a quiz, so it's not gonna effect your final score. (0/10)

Fun: I do like quizzes, and it's difficult to find a LoZ:TP quiz on Newgrounds (at least for now) so you did good on the fun catagory. (10/10)

Overall: I liked it, it was nice, simple, and original. I recommend this one for the Zelda Collection, possibly even for a Twilight Princess Collection. You would get an 8.6, but since it won't let me set it like that, you get a 9/10, way to go.

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Auz responds:

First off, thanks for taking your time to write a long and helpful review for my quiz and thanks even more for recommending this for the Zelda Collection. I hope this quiz will be there someday :)

About question 4: I´m not sure if that is actually called the "Lost Woods" in the game. I think the part with the skullkid belongs to the "Sacred Grove", but I could be wrong. I´ll go check on that.

I agree that I could´ve added a bit more interactivity and I like the idea of adding a small Zelda flash game. However I don´t have that much experience with actionscripting yet, that´s the reason I made a simple button clicking game. But perhaps I could try to make something :) I also agree that better quality pictures would´ve been better, but unfortunaly I couldn´t find any.

Again thanks for the review and I´m glad you liked this quiz.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


i got 4450. i think i've played way too much zelda... i liked the quiz questions and the fact that i didn't have to start from the beginning.

Auz responds:

Thanks for reviewing. That´s a pretty good score :)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice quiz

Your right there are absolutly no flashes or games about TP. Im gonna finish mine eventualy =)

The music from the fishing hole was a good choice for the quiz. I liked how you didn't send us back to level 1 after we get a question wrong. I winded up getting 2600.

The thing I didn't like was that some of the pictures weren't clear enough, or they didn't show enoughof the place for someone to reconise.

Good, know make some hentai =)

~Review Request Club~

Auz responds:

There is one other Twilight Princess Quiz around, but I didn´t liked that one to be honest. The questions were too easy, mostly it was the usual "In which temple can you get this item?"-stuff. But it has inspired me to make this quiz and ask different sort of questions. Although I am worried now that I perhaps made this one a little too hard. It seems none of the TP players who played this got a higher score then 3000 :s

About the pictures: I agree some were of very bad quality, but I couldn´t get any better ones. The location-pictures were supposed to show very little of the location so that you had to look closely. I know one of the last pictures with the sparks flying was kind of insane though :) Probably a complete guess for everyone.

And I am NEVER EVER going to make a hentai quiz :p It´ll make me look bad.

Anyways, thanks for the helpful review Imacow :)