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Goomba vs. Mario

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When a goomba eats a mushroom, an intense fight breaks out between mario and the goomba. Enjoy!

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Lol that was great

The anticlimactic ending may or may not have made this unique, it all depends on who's watching it. In this instance I think I'm more or less indifferent.

Well this was a twist to the classic tale of destruction, a real boss battle between a simple underling and the master plumber. :) Smooth animation, plenty of variation, occasional transformation, good camera panning, level switches... and that end, lmao. Glad to see Luigi make a guest appearance too, nice work!


it s awesome mario vs goomba and goomba is big mario power star and win killing the gomoomba great

Could use some improvement...

It should be a little longer and at least a little starman music at the end, But other than that, it was awesome!