X-Men: Phoenix Season

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I've finally added the Newgrounds API stuff for this one as practice for a pair of new cartoons I should be releasing in January '09, stay tuned for those.

Anyway, the Shi'ar decide to stop the Phoenix bloodline once and for all. This of course does not go off as planned...


Never disappoints

As a marvel fan and comic reader i always love ur works! This one was great! keep up the good work and keep making more. I loved ur incorporation of The Punisher in the scarlet witch one! He's my favorite hero! "More tea mr. hoppikins?"

awsome as usual

can you tell me where you got the music when jean was causing chaos?

Wow...just wow...

Of all the great stuff I've seen here on NG, this was the vid that made me fianlly create an account so I can leave a review. Thanks to you I now have a huge backlog of reviews to make.

Anyway, This was the best flash yet from you, but that last scene with Phoenix...where did you get that music from? I've been playing that repeatedly for over a week now (my wife's sick of it by now) and I have no idea where to look for it. Please tell me what music that was. *sigh* You have me begging on my first ever review. I'd almost hate to see what your future work would do to me.

lol awesome

truly the best NG series ever (in my opinion) even though I havn't seen any of the X-men movies but watching this I want to

Where's The Subtitles?!?

I loved the movie, but as a non-native english speaker, I've lost many of the jokes...
It would be great, that movies with so many different voices had subtitles, so I would get much more audience...
But besides that, It was really funny, and the style good as well, just need the subtitles to get a big 5. hehehe
See ya.

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4.36 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2007
6:04 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody