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Puppets In The Park II

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Waterman decides, in his off time from starring in the upcoming Waterman Movie, to begin improvising a series of puppet shows in the local park. Watch in amazement as the classic children's tales you've grown to know and love are hysterically defiled before your very eyes.




Not horrible, but not amazing.

The idea in itself isn't all that original (defiling a fairy tale) - just the format in which you presented it was partially. The graphics were fine, not earth shattering, but crisp and solid, so that's a bonus.
My favourite part was the narration, mainly because the narrator remind me a lot of the late Mitch Hedburg.
Could be funny if you made it a little bit edgier with the humour - otherwise it's a tad bland.

I agree with the last poster

It seems like you've gotten drunk and tried to tell fairytales. But whether or not you did, it's well done

Someone's been drinking...

To me, this (and the first one) seems like you got real plastered and recorded yourself telling your own personal, drunken account of these classic fairy tales and decided to animate a puppet show to go with the resulting sound clip.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not knockin it at all. In fact, it's a genius idea...not to mention hilarious. Keep it up!


that was great

all preschool children should see this and learn the real story behind the fairytales you make things funny and true overall amazing flash short and funny good plot everything top notch

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3.85 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2007
5:20 PM EDT
Comedy - Original