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Metal Freaks Zero

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*NEW* If you are experiencing slow/laggy game performance while playing online, please download the full .exe version from my official site:

Nearly two years later, Metal Freaks has finally returned! Built entirely from scratch, Zero utilizes the familiar "hit buttons to music" gameplay, only now with a brand new look and feel. This special Rock Out contest release features a complete selection of awesome music from the Newgrounds Audio Portal.

- 8 songs, 4 difficulty levels for each.
- Beginner's mode w/ 3key songs.
- Customizable key remapping.
- User profile system (now have 2 save files on the same computer).
- Modifiers, including Hi-Speed, Mirror/Random, a new AutoPlay mode, and more!



That was hard, but it was awesome. Seriously who is going to play those songs perfectly. they are extremely hard, but I like a challenge and it earned it.

Love the game

I love the game, I truly do. The music is great and you timed it well.

I do, however, HATE the anime shite you put in it. No-one should ever associate heavy metal with anime crap. It degrades its awesomeness.

Good game. 10/10, 5/5

I really love this game

But, I wanna try the others but NONE of them work. They freeze up and I have to close my browser. I wanted to download this and possibly the others but I have to use Winzip. Which I don't have a trial for anymore nor the funds to buy it. Is there another way?

I completly suck at this game...

But i love playing it for the music, which is basically why i play rhythm games to begin with. I love playing through all the songs and trying to complete it to just hear them. Although playing it on a keyboard is awkward to string combos and insane difficulty, i still love playing it.


great game great music nuff said

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