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Metal Freaks Zero

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*NEW* If you are experiencing slow/laggy game performance while playing online, please download the full .exe version from my official site:

Nearly two years later, Metal Freaks has finally returned! Built entirely from scratch, Zero utilizes the familiar "hit buttons to music" gameplay, only now with a brand new look and feel. This special Rock Out contest release features a complete selection of awesome music from the Newgrounds Audio Portal.

- 8 songs, 4 difficulty levels for each.
- Beginner's mode w/ 3key songs.
- Customizable key remapping.
- User profile system (now have 2 save files on the same computer).
- Modifiers, including Hi-Speed, Mirror/Random, a new AutoPlay mode, and more!



this is just amazing. But like the past 2 metal freaks games, im stuck on the 2 hardest songs on the hardest (recordable) difficulty. really nice work though! definatly my favorite submition for the rock out contest. good thing you didn't rush it before the contest started like everyone asked. lol

I'm a big fan

I've always been a big fan of yoru metal freaks series, its my favorite rythem game of any on NG, and I think your getting gyped with the score you have.

My one complaint is that I wish there were more then 2 hard songs, there was a dificulty key, but nothing happened when I hit it.

Strykor responds:

Thanks. And yeah, Xtreme 2 still has a much higher score than Zero so far... so either I made too many design changes, or the overall quality standards of Flash have gone up over the years i've been gone.

Pressing Up/Down should change the difficulty if you're on Standard Mode.


im slightly dissapointed in this game becourse of the 5th button, it always has been there but now its used a LOT AND it is more of a normal button, becouse of this its almost imposible hard to play while holding your keybord as a guitar.

but i must say the res ta the game is top-noch so you still get a 8

nice one

Author's comments:
This special Rock Out contest release features a complete selection of awesome music from the Newgrounds Audio Portal. I was highly impressed by what I found there, and I encourage you to check out more songs

My comments:
I totally agree with that statement about the Audio Portal. It's there for a reason..... for music artists to show off their talents, and to help flash artists pick some good music for their flash work. this game here was very nice. this Rock Out contest is really bringing out some very nice games... and this one here was no exception, it was very nice and great selections of audio from the audio portal as well.
nice job, i liked this one.

Oh my.

Do you want to shock all of us pro-players? I had to play two-handed! ...In fact I had to relearn the whole game (I never was able to win doubles or anything nit in F2Jam or DDR-standard-style)... But I did it! Aside from the pretty standard-looking style (maybe because you just used different font colours) and the fact that this is no longer original ist was very well-done.

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