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(Update Aug. 14, 2008) A new song has been added in place of TT-In Your Face. Sorry for the inconvenience. I also added a retry button so you don't have to wait for your songs to load over and over again! Hope you enjoy the new song!

(Update: Oct. 07) WOW! 50k views! I'm very impressed on the impact of this game. You better believe that a sequel is in the making. Thanks go to Newgrounds viewers and musicians!

EDIT: Added an extra settings option, synchronization. Now you can fine tune your notes to the beat if the notes are not synchronized!

!!!TIP!!! Hold the keyboard like a guitar, the "NUMBER KEYS" are the frets, the "BACKSPACE" key is the strum bar. Use one hand to play the frets and the other to play the strum bar. Make sure you press the backspace key and the corresponding fret to play the note. Controls can be changed in the settings menu. If you're having a hard time playing, it will get easier if you practice. :)


Great game, except the graphics

As a fan of Guitar Hero, I have to say that this is one of the awesomest games I have every played online. Good songs, it's really fun, only I have to agree that 6 keys was really hard, only having 5 fingers... Great game overall, only I think you need to improve on the graphics. If the graphics were better, you'd have gotten a 10 overall

Awesome game, fun to play!!!

Being an active player of guitar hero, this game is great. I enjoyed using my keyboard for other than typing, more specifically a guitar. I enjoyed the songs very much. Hope to see other installments. Increasing in level was challenging but fun.


Guitar Hero is awsome, and this game feels like it. . The songs were fun to play and had good quality to them. There are only two things found that could of been better. The graphics could use some tweaking and the controls were sort of confusing. it was hard to hit the right number. But this game is still awsome.

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Needs Improvement.

Awesome game, the style was great, everything was in sync ... but there's one thing that completely shot down this game, the graphics. No offense at all, they were terrible. I should've given the graphics around a two, it's not that you didn't put any effort into the graphics, it's just.. maybe you should've had someone from the forums work on the graphics for you, because right now you have a score of around 3.00, when you could have atleast a score of 3.50 - 4.00+ , I really did enjoy playing this game, but the graphics were to ... simplistic. I know, there's not much time remaining before the deadline. You tried atleast, and you were so close to succeeding. Mediocre work, keep up the coding, and ideas ... but the graphics defiantly need work.

Semikiller responds:

Mediocre? Bah. I can't please everybody. Thanks for the review though, I appreciate your criticism.

The graphics are dragging you down

I love Guitar Hero, and it's absolutely one of my favourite games, and this game is simialr, and it is very fun. You have 3 difficulties for each song, and the songs scale pretty well in difficulty. It was never seeming too hard to do at all, and most times was pretty easy. You had a fairly large list of songs, compared to the competition. You included hammer-ons and pull-offs too, which was fantastic. What aren't you scoring higher?

The coding is great, but the graphics are pretty bad. They're simplistic, aren't very animated, and could have been done way better. If you had someone working with you to do the graphics, you could have most likely scored a lot, a LOT higher, because otherwise this game is fantastic.

This games gameplay is fun, but the graphics are bringing it down. If you could improve those, you might have a shot (although I believe the contest is over very soon).

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4.22 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2007
9:47 PM EDT