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PALADIN episode 5 part 1

rated 4.32 / 5 stars
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Jul 6, 2007 | 8:03 AM EDT
  • Frontpaged July 6, 2007
  • Daily Feature July 7, 2007
  • Weekly 5th Place July 11, 2007

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  • Paladin
    Paladin Jazza's epic sword and sorcery adventure!

Author Comments


DO NOT vote poorly because of lag as the result of the detail I put into this.
There is a LAG FREE VIDEO version on youtube I encourage people to see (go to my website for details) if this version lags for them.

This animation and its second part have taken over a year and a half of FULL TIME work to complete. It's all a one man production so please vote accordingly, because in the end all that time in making this finale, has been utilized to make something as entertaining to you all as possible. ENJOY!!



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Oh man, im going to hate review this but..

somehow, i have the need. You know, it was cool, i really do mean that. Maybe i just start.

[Marvelous-Nothing bad, but just goodies.]

[Okay-Could have been better, but wasn't.]

[Ouch-Spikes. Ouch.]

[Woot-Play button.]

[Nothing funny-I mean it.]

And.. oh dear..

[Not a forword this time. Under Style i do count 'Storyline'.. and, i won't review all the 5 parts. So, well. Let me begin.

The Storyline is as thin as paper. I said it. I'm sorry, but it is just.. bad. The Cliche of "Woot, bad Guy killing everything, taking over whatsoever 'till Murderguy comes to Murder me for Murder" did not help. But the worst of all is.. before the Guy grabbed the Sword, i thaught "Kay, pretty decent for now. Maybe i'll get some cool "I'm ready for the World now"-Character development". What happened? Dude goes Goku, that's what happens. I was choking on that very moment. From all i expected, i didn't expect that. Jumps through the friggin Ground (!) like "pf, let that old fart rot down there".. Okay, cool, get's the Sword, get's frigging Uberpowers from a Sword, kills some Zomb's, good one. Then, jumping into a bunch of Zomb's and goes Goku again? ... At that very moment i thought "Well, he's done with the crap, go New-blue-haired-Hometrained!". Bigasszombie arives -> Hell yeah, fighting! - Cut!.. Next episode.. and Whoa, Story development! Im going the Hell crazy, relax and sit back, enjoying every sentence that i hear and read -> ".. the Paladin!" Snip, babe, and now the fighting, not bad! Normal moves, that's okay for the beginning, throwing.. tearing blood down..? Well, noone threw me like a Stick.. Oh.. another bleeding..eye.. wt.. Cut's his hair off, nice move, need's some guts.. fainting- wait, over? Another bit of.. That's the Guy not going Goku. Eh, huh? He's dead..? Oh, that God. Maybe he tell's him something about the past or.. no wait, wth? Armor Upgrade? "..the Paladin.. Again!" and he goes all like "pf, died, and? I'm Paladin, Paladin ima Paladin- suck ma ballz- I'm Paladin, Paladin ima P A L I Aladin!" stabbing that fat fiend in the back. Great move for a Paladin.
I was thinking:"he f%&$ed up what he can, now nothing bad can happen now.", and i would be grateful if i was right with this. Episode 4, starting with the big fiend on the ground. Speaking of cool stuff, get's on his knees and.. does he pray? wait.. OH HELL NO HE GOES "Imanangelwoooooot!"

God darrrr- and then he goes down to be 'not detected', like noone would notice a flying shiny Guy in the forsaken Heavens that are dark like Ass. Then the Bird.. i must say, the 'Idea' is cool (turning People into crows who still have the ability to speak) but, hell, his vocabulary is like what, better then the heros? Also he wants to somehow be funny? Nah, im not eating this thank you. He advises him, in the Valley behind a wall, the very empty valley where nothing undead is or walks or whatever except the hand full of dead ones some miles away that he just raped with Goku-style, to take the secret Passage that, of course, leads into the Heart of the friggin Castle(!) because it came with the installment of it like every good Badguycastle.
He just flew the heck, why would he assume that noone saw him anyway while the windows of that whole Castle pointed to his Angellike flying action? Yeah, through the Tomb where like, 20 Skel's are, lot of bashing, "Ima chargin mah lazer"-action, Blah blah. Whole Castle is empty of course, just stairs up, woho. Leads to the Badguy, directly, because he has no minions, of course. Disliking Storystuff i don't care anymore 'bout, killing the little Raven (like he couldnt do anything then and just gave up after some swipes), then the old Guy he just had led rot in the hole they shared, killing him after trying to remind him who he is- end.

I, am, sorry. But this there, is what i saw, what happened, and what is. The whole Story now suffers under the past. *Sigh*, i didn't expect something new, the graphics were cool, but.. that's what's it.]


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Paladin 1-5

Cons: Not to sound like an ass or anything but I don't like this flash series at all. Couple of reasons, I believe the whole "paladin" idea in the first place was a no-no. I don't see originality in the plot at all. Sword of Ancients? Seemed like the "Master Sword" from Zelda. The boy who was saved by a man and then turned into the hero that saves all? Too many movies was done exactly like that. The god of "Strength" vs the god of the "Undead". I liked that one, reminds me of the story God vs Lucifer. Sorry to say but everything in this was hardly original. A couple of things got to me too, when he died he suddenly got armor(/shrug what?), his cape magically becomes wings(and it can turn back into a cape!), Auron! Son of light~! Fulfill your destiny!(hehe! Okay!).

The story in-itself was also not too original. A god was watching over the land, oh wait! Another god wants to take over! Sh*t!

Pros: Alright, for the pros, you can animate, you know how to do flash as a one man production team. You can do it well, I can tell by your shadings, and the graphics seem to flow good. (I like that!) You also know which songs to choose in different scenarios so that's good.

-The Villain was well done. Thumbs up for him.

Uhm, just some constructive criticism keep up the good work. And when your doing a new series send me a link. I kind of want to see your work with an actual storyline.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Its just BLahh

The other 4 were much better then this by a long shot if anything. if it took you a year and a half to make this i would have guessed it much better. It could use subtitles because the palidin is hard to hear.

Jazza responds:

thank you good sir


a very poorly informed review on a few counts. 1- its didnt take a year and a half to do this half, it took around 5 months. episode 5 part 2 (coming next week) took the rest of the time, and MOST people will see why it tooks so long, not you obviously, if you prefer the old crap i did, lol. oh, and 2- there are subtitles dumbass. open your eyes theres a sign pointing them out in the loader, and a bottom bar which clearly says "subtitles: on / off"

franky YOUR opinions are worth nothing to me :D


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Too detailed (if that's possible).

Believe it or not there are still a lot of people out there who don't have high-end computers, me being one of them. I couldn't watch this flash with my lower-end computer, even on low quality, with out it jumping several seconds ahead at a time. I understand that you took a lot of time to make this, and in all fairness I haven't seen the previous episodes so I didn't know what to expect in terms of visuals. But you have to understand that if you want your work to be viewed by a wide range of people you have to consider their situations. Maybe I would've enjoyed it more on a PC that costs $5000, but on my PC I can't enjoy it at all.