F2Jam v3

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Feel the Beat (F2Jam v4): http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/451339

If I get top 10 in the Rock Out competition, I'll begin working on v4 ~_^! Please tell your friends about this game!

YOU MUST HAVE FLASHPLAYER 9 TO PLAY THIS GAME! This game is made using Actionscript 3 and requires Flashplayer 9. If you do not have Flashplayer 9, please go download it right now to play this game. It'll be waiting right here. For you.

About the game:
One rhythm game. Fifteen songs. Three difficulties. Over twenty five speed settings. Nine crazy options. More than four million ways to play it.

Author's Comments:
I apologize to all my F2Jam fans for making them wait SO long for an actualy release. I know I made F2Jam v2 Beta and released it a long time ago and never released the full version. If you want, you can think of this as the full version of v2. But this is rather different from the v2 Beta... Yeah... Sorry guys for making you wait so long! Please accept my apology! *bows for forgiveness*
And out of guilt from not releasing F2Jam v2... I made highscores for each song. I hope you guys will enjoy this :D!
I had a lot of fun making this game. I didn't plan on releasing it for the Rock Out contest but since there was one, it encouraged me to make it faster xD!
The song qualities aren't the best. I scaled it down to put it into a small swf file. It probably would be 30mb if I didn't... If I get enough requests to release a full song quality version, I will. If you wish to play a version where the song qualities are perfect, please leave a comment about this in the review.
If you find any bugs and stuff, please let me know! I checked through this many times but seeing as I am only one person, there may be many bugs left...

The audio credits list is too small for me to fit all the credits. Here is the full list:
"Affected by You" Instrumental, by XayberOptix.
Tetris on Speed, by HouseMasta
{Firestorm}, by cornandbeans
Heaven or Hell [loop], by cornandbeans
Halo Theme -(Metalized?)-, by Xerxes-Sangco
_-_Yui-Rolling Star Bleach5_-_, by Lova-Gurl
The End (Mega Man 2), by NESkimos
All is Finished, by ImperfectDisciple
Defcon Zero, by ParagonX9
Rise of the Machines {Loop}, by ImperfectDisciple
Smash Bros -- Dreamland Past, by LightOtaku
Zelda: Windmill, by Soundshifter
NARUTO|Hokages Funeral (FINAL), by D-A-J
The End (Reeeeeemix), by Fury
{RB6ELITE} Mad World, by RB6ELITE



this kinda crashed my computer and my computers are top so dont go saying my com is crap...it crashed my flash plugin which i had to re download and i was on another game and it stopped everything...



9999999999999999999 Rank A :P

Fix It Please.


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The controls are terrible

Worst controls on any Flash game I've ever played. Because of this, I can't play it.

Doesn't work.

I'm sure this would be a really good game but it doesn't work for me. It finishes loading and then I pick a song to play but when the song starts playing, I don't see anything. My score says 99999999999999999999999999999 and I can't do anything,

good game

really good game could be better if the notes were a little more in sinc with the music

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