TicTacToeCubed (Pure AS)

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If anyone wants the old version of the game, I'll provide it to you.

This is a much improved version of Tic Tac Toe Cubed. I've made the script much more efficient, made it better looking, and even added some new features! There is now a reset button, a stop button, and a computer feature. The computer is very simple and predictable. Don't play around with the computer button too much or it will break.

There are a total of 49 ways to score a point. This entire game is just 1300 lines of code long! (Compare it to the previous version, which had 1700 loc.) It's compatible with any flash player 6-r65 and up.

If you want to listen to some music while you play, I highly suggest bogman247's "Code Red." You can find it in the Audio Portal.


Not bad.

The positive points
-very interactive
-interesting set up
-great twist on an old game
-displays advanced Action scripting
-Computer AI was pretty good

the not-so-positive points
_the game never officially declares a winner
thats all, really

Great job

CaptinChu responds:

Huh, never thought of that!


Well its nice to see a simple game like this made in flash, and in AS no less. As good as that is, it isnt that much fun. Im sure it took alot of work to make this, but whats the point of it doesent look good? Or if it dosent keep players entertained? It didint entertain me at all. Maybe makeing the menus a bit better looking, and the background actually be a background. The msn tictactoe is better then this, I dont even understand why this has such a high score. Poor game.

CaptinChu responds:

I don't like your first point: "What's the point if it doesn't look good?" You are absolutely wrong about that. The first gamees were text based. You think they looked that great? However, your second point, that it didn't entertain you, is totally valid. I've truly failed at the most important part of a game: to make it fun. The improvements you suggested are only graphical, and have nothing to do with the game itself. If you're that much of a graphics hog, just watch a movie and stop playing games altogether. Judge it by its interactivity, not how it looks.

I suggest you play a little Zork. It's a fun game.

Massively underrated.

I loved this. However, I would try and develop it further with using actual graphical elements instead of API. Also, a little music would be nice. Otherwise, great job!

CaptinChu responds:

If you wanted music, you could've just put bogman247's -CodeRed- up in the background. It's the perfect music for the game. I think I'll remake it, so there will be more pictures or something. Thank you so much for your review!!!! You're very, very kind!


made me think a lot. at first i thought it would be much easier than it actually it. i really liked it, just needs smoother graphics

CaptinChu responds:

It absolutely needs smoother graphics. I'm thinking of making a flash 9 version of the game; actionscript 3 runs sooooo much faster than actionscript 2. Thanks for your review!


hey, i had a real live version of 3-d tic tac toe i bought at a toy store when i was 5 or somethin. Hadn't even thought about, nor imagined anyone would dare try to make a flash version! wow, 10(5) because of the nostalgia and the fact its all in AS. gotta hand it 2 u, this made my day.

CaptinChu responds:

I'm very glad that you think that! Actually, the inspiration for this comes from that 3D tic tac toe game. I saw it from someone, and that inspired me to make a software version of it. Thank you very much for your review.

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2.40 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2007
3:23 PM EDT
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