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Detective Grimoire

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Author Comments

http://www.facebook.com/D etectiveGrimoire

A whole host of characters, detailed locations and a fiendish mystery to solve. Can you piece together the clues and discover the truth?

-Dim & Tom


Perfect, but I do have one question...

If Grimoire is a detective...then where is his hat?

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It was really great, and I loved how I could actually figure this one out, unlike other mystery games. Question, could you choose which person it could be? Or did it have to be the person that it was supposed to be? That's all, love all of your work! Great game again!

Amazing game!

This was a great innovation to the crime/mystery game genre. It played very well, and had a great story to it. My only complaints are the sounds the characters made were a little too repetitive and got very annoying. Also, proving one of the innocents innocent was a glitch. I think. It made no sense. Anyway, great game overall, and you should really make more in this style.


Wonderfully put together. Grimoire's demeanor throughout the game, which stylishly shied away from being too badass, was what made it, I think. The music at the end, when answering the motives for the murder, coupled with the "Um..." images of the silhouette for each "Got it" created a very cool effect, too. My only problem was when I found out the murderer, I had to talk about something I already did with an innocent suspect, but that was it. The hard work you two put into this really shows. This is nothing short of a masterpiece.



You guys never cease to amaze me, I didn't even realise you were working on something completely different and my god it was good.

Everything was just amazing. I did guess who it was a while before the end but that didn't even matter I still wanted to finish it just to prove myself right :).

I read your making of thing as well, and about the DS game, that would just be pure perfection.

Keep it going guys and please please please make another one! (How about 3 like Decline ^^)

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