YAAFM 13: Pres. Bush 2

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This one is a long time coming. President Bush needs to be taken down… and there is only one demon that can do it. Watch as Reginold exposes Bush & the Iraq war as only he can!


Dont mark this review as abusive, Im giving advice

I love reviewing your movies Mr Walrus, It's like your movie's are boxes of shit (as your pink snail thing stated with his sign), you always know what you're going to get. This animation is LOADED with unfunny sarcasm and not to mention poor animation. I mean, this is how animation goes, if you have an AWESOME humor based movie, the graphics dont have to be THAT good, I mean, I dont exactly agree with it, but it's how the formula usually works with the mainstream, now If you are lacking humor, and are going for something else, then the animation and drawings are going to have to be good, because you are focusing more on what is happening, than what is being said. So you went with the formula that I don't think anybody recommends (and isn't really a "formula") You decided to be political, that's strike one right there, I mean, I agree with your statement in how bush IS a moron, but, some people dont, and, I mean, Freedom of Speech, yeah, but make that freedom of speech worthwhile, which brings me to the next 2 things, It was incredibly tasteless when it came to humor, that's strike 2, then the Animation was terrible, I mean, recycled mouth movements, It went out of sync at times, there was hardly any movement, and if there was any, it was choppy, I mean, that's strike 3 right there buddy.

I suggest you improve on these things or you're going to lose your fan-base, which you once had when you're animations had more humor.

Overall, a 2 out of 10 and a 1 out of 5...

Not a good Flash.

It's a very touchy subject and I agree that Bush is a nerd and we need to take him down, but this won't do it. A lot of it is just your opinion, the war in Iraq to 'take down terrorism' can easily be called idiotic but we don't know that, we can only assume, and most probably correctly so.

Now all the kids who go and see this will think the know something, just like with the ones you did on Muslims and Scientology. Good humor is good humor, and if you left it at Scientology or instead of that Muslims it'd be fine, but doing to episodes just to defame someone's beliefs is wrong. And since you aren't a Muslim or anything (I assume) you give some wrong facts. Also with Scientology, though I'm not 100% sure on that one...
Point is if you want to make fun of something use the right FACTS, because if you don't people -- like misguided 12 year olds -- will believe that.

What you're saying about Bush is only partially fact and the rest opinion and choice. I like ice cream but I don't make a Flash saying that people who dislike it are nerds. And that's on a scale which won't do any harm.


Well for one I never really liked the show anyway and even though i do agree that Bush should be buried alive, you are stating facts that everyone already knows about. A voice doesn't really mean anything if there is no action taken. Complaining doesn't change anything at all. And you can't really "Take Bush Down" by calling him a fucking moron when everyone else already has. I wouldn't doubt that the elections are decided by the politicians rather than Americans because I've lived in the north and the south and everyone seems to hate the bastard anyway. Oh yea and its true southern people are slower than the north. No offense on that last comment but i'm sticking with it.

Ok no!

First things first this series hasnt been funny since the Scientology episode. Its gotten (as the residence of South Park, CO would say) way too preachy and up its own ass with messages. So subject matter aside, the formula of ripping on something each time got old long ago.

Speaking of things that got old a long time ago, WHY IN THE HELL DID YOU FILL THE NEED TO DO A SECOND EPISODE ON BUSH!?! I mean come on the guy is attacked every other minute. No wonder he looks so much older now than when he came into office. It looks like he has freaking aged 20 years in only 6. Ok you don't like him, ok you think going to Iraq was a mistake (I disagree but this is America pal which means you still get to live even if you disagree with those in charge). But the constant whining on and on like a broken record, Christ I lived through 8 years of Clinton (somehow) and you about to kill yourself after only 6 years of Bush.

We could spend all day debating issues (though I very much doubt you are capable of doing so judging from the rubbish you post here) but the facts remain. Fact: on September 11th 2001, Radical Islamic Terrorists attacked the United States in the worst strike on our homeland since Pearl Harbor. Fact: This event amounted to an act of war. Fact: Since that day the United States and our allies have been at war not with Afghanistan, Iraq, but with a group of terrorist organizations including Al Qaeda and Hamas. Fact: This world wide War against Terrorism is a REAL war (just wanted to make that clear for all these idiots who say its like the war on drugs). There are many fronts; Afghanistan, Iraq, the Philippines, Indonesia, Israel, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Syria, and Iran (just to name a few).

The main difference here is one of us sees reality and the other sees fantasy, I know it must be comfortable to believe that there are not people out there who would like to saw your head off with a dull knife simply because your an infidel. Unfortunately in the times we live in the facts simply do not support your wishful reality.

As for you highly uninformed views about the 2000 and 2004 election; George W. Bush despite his faults (and he does have some *cough* Amnesty *cough*) was deemed at least better than the alternatives in 2000 (especially in 2000) and 2004. The majority of Americans picked him to be their leader twice! Thats how the system works. Sure you can attack him, sure you can hate him with all your hate filled being, and you are more than free to call him whatever name your petite little mind can invent. You can do all these things because of the 1st Amendment (duh), and on the same token I can respond as I have done so here.

Unpatriotic? Not at all. Hateful? Most likely. Insanely Misguided? HELL YEAH! Case and point: criticizing policy is one thing, constant personal attacks and seeking to undermine the President, his staff, and the United States military (this is in general now not just you) is another thing entirely. Never mind the fact that we are at war with an enemy who could very well win if we lose our resolve.



Oh and vote Fred Thompson for President 2008!!!

Instead of intelligent political satire...

...I can spam my tired 4th grade opinion on politics! Yessiree, I bet you figured it all out in the middle of social studies class hmm? It's a conspiracy that everyone is buying into except you.

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Jul 3, 2007
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