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YAAFM 13: Pres. Bush 2

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Author Comments

This one is a long time coming. President Bush needs to be taken down… and there is only one demon that can do it. Watch as Reginold exposes Bush & the Iraq war as only he can!



i like it. it tells us bush should not be incharge.
I first found this out in 1994 when he had babys...
with hitler...Most people belive hitler put his "ball" into a goats
mouth for a dare and got bit off. i belive bush bit it off.
also belive this is a good waist of our time...A GOOD....i
liked it. Sorry i cannot send a donation because im
speanding all my money and chickens and chicks....

i agree 100%

im not american, but i am british. So i feel the same kind of way about all of this, and since my country dosnt have as much population as yours, we feel very "thin" at the moment.
if you do a number 3, then please mention other country that were dragged into this because of Mr. bush

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Not my personal favorite.

Bush hasn't really ever been my personal favorite person in the world, and I do agree that he is a moron, I feel that anyone who is behind the war isn't exactly a moron. I have friends in the military and see these kinds of things get turned on them all the time. Good points, but comes on a little too strong like your goal is to give us your opinion. But then again, that is just mine. I normally laugh when I watch these, and will keep an eye open for the next. Keep it up.

Pretty good.

I personally don't like bush myself I do think he's an idiot we should of got Osama and got the fuck out and have been done with it. And least you didn't bash the troops thats the only problem I've got with alot of people these days they seem to think that the soldiers and marines start the wars, no its the goddamn fuckin piece of shit politions. Well over all good job and it was pretty funny. Btw everyone Indepent ftw stop agruing about liberals and conservitives just be an indepent and say fuck political partys and politions.

Well peace out.

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Oh hell yeah.

I totally agree. I know its supposed to be a satire but there is truth to it. YAFM is one of the best satires on new grounds. It keeps getting better.
You know whatever hapens we will be bushless in '08. That sounds like a campaign slogan. Seriously tho Bush needs to just shut up. the people around him need to shut up. but it is a free country so theres nothing to do but ride the torrent out. Funny stuff from YAFM always a treat.

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Credits & Info

4.04 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2007
5:28 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody