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YAAFM 13: Pres. Bush 2

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This one is a long time coming. President Bush needs to be taken down… and there is only one demon that can do it. Watch as Reginold exposes Bush & the Iraq war as only he can!


Well Said

I like the Loading screen, where you said being critical is the most patriotic thing you can do. That is so true, and yet so little realized. We'd be a much better country if people knew that disagreeing is not hateful.

While I think Saddam was a sadistic ass hole, I think we did nothing but cause more pain by moving in there to fight. We didn't end the suffering, we didn't do a dang thing but cause more. While someone like Saddam deserves to be shot, we should not have made such a move, not in the way we did, or under the reasons we listed. We lied to get there, and now we're screwed.

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I didn't vote for him!

I think this one is my favorite one in the series. I think Raginold himself would make a great next president after this.


although i disagree with you fundamentaly. i'm glad some people try to make changes in this country when things aren't going as you see right. thats what makes america great. as long as we are all working to better this country, we'll do alright.... agree?

Um.. woo?

Wow another one on bush.. gee thats original. Cmon man you can do way better than this. Im not sure how many people are but I sure am tired of hearing about you americans bitching about your stupid president. You are the nobs that elected him so put up with it!

Well said Reginald.

I agree with this totally. It's sad that no one but CARTOON CHARACTERS are the voices man enough to tell us the truth about how our "president" is fucking things up. Reginald and Slugger have balls. MAJOR balls.

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Jul 3, 2007
5:28 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody