YAAFM 13: Pres. Bush 2

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This one is a long time coming. President Bush needs to be taken down… and there is only one demon that can do it. Watch as Reginold exposes Bush & the Iraq war as only he can!


I must not be biassed...

I wont give this 10 for everything... as my heart tells me to. After all, its not that interactive!
Its great. In all the criticism of Bush, I don't believe I've ever heard it spelt out that clearly. Well done!
Maybe some direct reference to guantanamo bay would be good.

These are getting very repetitive...

If you are going to critisize Bush, please use something new. So many flashes are out there crititsizing Bush, but they all use the same arguments. Try getting some new ones.

And to the people who think that this flash FINALLY awoke people to Bush's wrongdoing, look at the Politics section of NG. This isn't the first flash to flame at Bush.

I admit, Bush is not perfect, but he is a much better alternative to say, Kerry or the Clintons. At least he did something about 9-11 and tried to stop any WMD's from being used in America. Who knows, if we weren't in Iraq, mabey a nuclear, or more likely, a biological weapon would have been used in the U.S.

Bush had a lot thrown at him during his presidency, with 9-11 and Katrina. It wasn't the easiest time to be president.

If you think the Iraq war is doing bad, read this:
"People don't hear about the great things that are happening here (in Iraq). For every hostage killed, people don't hear about the 3 or 4 that are rescued. For every bomb that detonates, people don't hear about the 4 or 5 that don't."
-A sergeant in Iraq.

We are actually not losing that many soldiers in Iraq, we lost about 4000, when in a single battle in the Civil War, 7863 people were killed.

Fox News is actually the only non-biast news station, if you've ever seen it, they invite BOTH Republicans and Democrats to have them speak. The main politics people at Fox News obviosly do not share the same views, as they often argue and yell at eachother during the discussions.

All in all, this series is always funny, but please try to find something new about Bush to complain about, or find someone else to critisize.

Everybody likes to pcik apart Bush

If every insult thrown at him was like the peck of a vulture then his bones would be picked dry and right now they are trying to reach the bone marrow. I like this series and how you have been turning your focus to the more political side of things, I would like to see you pick apart the people at the 700 club, a man named Jack Thompson (please do this guy!!), and of course the people responsible for making, the people on, and the people watching reality television, or how Studio 60 put it illiterate television. Sometimes Reginald's voice gets rather annoying but it doesn't detract too much. Thank you and good day.

i love you

for making this.

Not my personal favorite.

Bush hasn't really ever been my personal favorite person in the world, and I do agree that he is a moron, I feel that anyone who is behind the war isn't exactly a moron. I have friends in the military and see these kinds of things get turned on them all the time. Good points, but comes on a little too strong like your goal is to give us your opinion. But then again, that is just mine. I normally laugh when I watch these, and will keep an eye open for the next. Keep it up.

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Jul 3, 2007
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