String Avoider 2

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SA is back for the final installment. This is completely different from the first two, on a acrolling engine and more detailed level editor. You can now paste your levels in reviews for other people to import and play. Also, SLOW-MO!

If you like this game, please DIGG it.

Credits go to Beaverelfeater and I and armorgames for sponsoring it.

gl, hf.



Absolutely horrible.

The fact that you could only move your mouse in the direction you wanted instead of actually moving the mouse sucked. Not to mention the insane difficulty after just four levels. I quit after less than two minutes.


Well, I found ok to start with, and a very good game. But then I started to notice little faults here and there, such as the collision detection, which had a few small problems.
I liked it at first, but then it didn't go very well after that.

could be alot better.

in a game like this you expect some good collision detecting but there wasn't any. that was quite sad becouse else it would've been a pretty good game.
it's really frustrating to die (or not die) when you arn't touching the walls or anything.

Good idea but...

Very dodgy hitboxes, I think you did that a bit sloppily.
5 on sound because speakers are b0rked.

Great game

Graphics:7 For great backgrounds along with coloring the string and coloring the walls if you want to.
Style:9 For making the game almost entirly original and fun.
Sound:3 For cheesy porn music
Violence:0 Because it doesnt need it.
Interactivity:8 For custom levels and using the mouse to move the string.
Humor:7 Because you can laugh at people who get pissed off at the game.
Overall:8 Because the game is fun,original,and great looking.
Here is the level I made when I was bored(You can actually beat it)
Nearly Imposible|Hatefuleagle|70,50,-
60,110,150,-20,10,90,150,-10,2 0,160,90,10,-20,160,80,100,-10 ,90,160,-10,60,60,250,160,-10,
290,50,-10,50,280,90,-60,10,21 0,250,20,-10,230,240,-10,-30,8 0,210,110,10,230,210,-10,-20,2 20,180,-120,20,220,90,-10,10,2 80,40,210,60,220,240,90,-10,22 0,250,140,-60,210,190,150,-10,
60,50,-10,-10,260,180,20,-40,2 80,90,-20,40,320,100,-20,50,32 0,180,-20,-20,360,90,-20,40,35 0,180,-10,-30,360,180,-20,-40,
350,100,60,30,490,90,-40,140,3 60,240,70,10,350,240,90,-10,42 0,250,20,-10,450,190,-80,20,35 0,150,80,20,400,90,50,40|70,60 |440,230|120,70

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3.59 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2007
4:23 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid