Surealist Fishtank

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Everything started with the fishtank, the rest was improvising.I wanted to create images "out of this world" by combining photorealism and cartoon style.
Seeing several reviews, I realized that the message is not very clear, so, here:
Is about world in world, repeating patterns, the world copy itself, atoms became galaxies, fishtank became a whole ocean where is a house where is a fishtank witch became ocean ... and so on ...

and NO i haven't smoked anything

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Smoke weed everyday


I loved the animation and the song.But how did citrina sign up in 2009 and yet this is from 07...

sorohanro responds:

This is my first animation I made in 2007, I (sorohanro) was already a NG member.
Citrina helped me to understand Flash and helped also with some artwork. After a while she joined and posted some songs, so, I thought is a good thing to credit her for her work.

Thanks for review.

Dat bunneh

He was liek, in teh toilet... and i was liek WOAH but then i was liek :D

sorohanro responds:

Yep... and pink, a pink bunny in a black toilet (was all along Citrina's idea).
Thanks for review.


this is just amazing. You make good music, you have surrealistic ambitious thoughts. What are you, sir, superman? And, one thing i quite like about you is that you reply to each and every review. Pure genius.

sorohanro responds:

Thanx for review and sorry for answering that late ...
I guess I had a little too much work on music and lately I forgot that I have also Flash projects :))
I'm not superman, I eat kryptonite every breakfast :))

Pretty good, Sorohan. :D

I saw the comment below me about the world in world before watching, so I knew what to expect - and it was more than I'd thought. ^,^; Nicely done. :D I like the music and whatnot - it's very relaxing considering what you did - just kind o'made me want to go with the flow. Helps that I've been tired and whatnot. ;P Lol. X) So yeah, it could potentially put me to sleep - especially the part where it was constantly going into the view port and whatnot. :D And seeing it and all. X) Camera that views a computer that has a screen open that sees what the camera sees - freaky stuff. X) Lol. Awesomest of awesomeness. ;P

Keep up the good work, Mr. Sorohan. ^,^;

And I know for a fact that wasn't all FLASH. ;P Lol. X) At least, I'm pretty sure it wasn't. <,<; And you did good for that reason too. :D You came up with clever ways to use images, I felt. ^,^;

I look forward to another. :D

sorohanro responds:

some of the images I made in Photoshop, just moved those in Flash, but some (fishes, by example) are completely done/draw in Flash.
"Camera that views a computer that has a screen open that sees ..."
well, that was intended to be a fish tank :))

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4.09 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2007
1:41 PM EDT
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