Jack Thompson's Adventure

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Use the arrow keys to run around, up to jump.
Right now all you can do is jump off a cliff, but I thought if I added more features, they'd just go unused =(

So that's it.
Press space to pick up the flag if you want.


You call that a game HOW???

seriously that isn't a game i got to pick up a flag and walk over a cliff how fun/challenging was that??? BUZZ the answer is IT WASN'T!!! i've made some bad submissions i'll admit but that made me want to cry, then gouge my eyes out with a spoon. but on a good note it was well made but just lacked how do i put this...it's actually hard to word i'd say gameness if you made that a game id protect it


no fun. finish it before you submit it please.

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Family-Friendly, Non-Violent, and a Good Joke!

Yeah, its cheap, but effective. Out of all the politicians who attack the gaming industry, conservative lawyer Jack Thompson sticks out like a sore thumb. Its quite sad really, beacause everyone can find value & merit all things by just picking up a controller and enjoying themselves with some good old campy fun. Where else can you experience the fun of getting heart sickingly obese from fast food health pick ups, or shoot cars in the park to increase weapon fire power other then the shady sides of GTA: San Andreas? Where else can you fight a villian that "reads your history" other then Metal Gear Solid? Seriously, whats better than going into action as a high speed combat robot ala Zone of the Enders? Lets not forget those creepy halucinations in Eternal Darkness or the time we wet our pants fighting rabid zombie dogs in Resident Evil, and Lunar, ohhh sweet Lunar, the sweet necter of song, dance, and sexual inneuendo! I rest my case and totally agree that this is the best videogame role for the intolerent attourney.
By the way, did you hear of that wacky story about Jack Thompson skipping out on a promised children's fund? I heard he made a stupid pledge to donate to charity if some game industry developer made a game about killing their company ceos.
Obviously, the major league companies could not deal with such frivolous matter. So some independent programmer made the premised game, distributed it to be downloaded off the internet, and demanded Jack pay his fair share of the deal, and Jack weaseled out of it. I guess his political strategy to undermine the morality of the gaming industry backfired and he only ended up demoralizing himself.


i loved the graphics work and the smoothness. its just waaaay too short. you gotta add to it.

Take it forward!

I don't know what it is, maybe it's the animation, or the music, or that you're just some old dude who's only lot in life is to jump off a cliff, but I'll bet if you took this all the way and made a game out of it people would find it pretty enjoyable and addicting. Please make more!

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Jul 3, 2007
1:23 PM EDT
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