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Thanks alot NG voters!
What's happening NG? Let me introduce you to the Color Collab! Which has over 10,000 frames, after 4 months and 5 days the Color Collab is finally finished for good! The Color Collab was originally created by connemaraproductions, but he gave it to me (TheGreatPatten).

The idea of Color Collab is to make a 30-60 second animation using only one elementary colour.

Everyone in this collab put thier best effort in the collab, and helped out nicely, so enjoy the damn thing.


neat one

that was a pretty interesting collab. this one here had a pretty nice concept behind it, though some contributions were quite random, but random entries are what makes collabs such fun to watch.

nice work to everyone, this collab was pretty nice.
glad to see it win an award too.

TheGreatPatten responds:

Thanks dude.

seemed pretty nice..

in spite the fact that i am colorblind... =/
the music was pretty cool though, and there were some nice animations.


Thomas' part had good music.
Roon's part also had good music and made me laugh at the end.
TheGreatPattern made me laugh throughout.
crushy's part was the worst in my opinion.
Splurda made the best segment just because ninjas on motorcycles being run overby tanks are awesome.
Roon's part was pretty cool.
Doomshock's was cool too.
fishhook had the best music and a cool video.
GMagnum short had cool music but the tiles sometimes did not synch up with the beat.
VolitO had good music but was way too short.
Crushy short made me laugh.

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TheGreatPatten responds:

I liked Doomshocks part the best. This collab was meant to be watch by 12-14 year olds. So it makes sense why you enjoying it. Thanks 4 the reviews. TheGreatPatten btw ):\

Fucking awesome

That was great David good job!!

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TheGreatPatten responds:

Thanks Jordan!

hmm this is a tough one to critique

I thought some of the parts were really good and others looked like they needed work. I liked doomshock's part the best. It had excellent frame by frame animating. The idea of having a color collab showing different colors was good. It was rather lengthy but it needed to be.
Roon, I thought your part looked good. It had many things going on. 3D effects and tweens.. it seemed a little repetitious though.
TheGreatPattern, when you had that guy turn around in the beginning as if he was cardboard... it kind of lost alot of it's touch.
Crushy, green is a cool color, nice small frame by frame.
Splurda, your part was really good with the tank and the biker with the reflection. Nice music.
Roon, the blue rain drop falling from the sky looked cool.. it almost looked 3D.
Doomshock, absolutely amazing part. It's my favorite part.
Fishhook, hmm this part was rather strange and rather short.
Overall good effort but could have been better.

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TheGreatPatten responds:

I agree with that. It could of been better, but we went threw alot of artists and we kept the ones we liked the most. Thanks alot for the review man

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Jul 2, 2007
6:47 PM EDT
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