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Battle Story: part 1

rated 2.61 / 5 stars
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Jul 2, 2007 | 3:01 PM EDT

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Author Comments

*Edit* ive made it a lil bit longer but dont expect much off it, ill do more after im back from my vacation ^^*
The Movie is just the first part of an line of movies. Warning, this movie is short!!! Also, the movie is about a group of fighters: A Mage called Catch, a Warrior called Massrevenge, an Archer called Miss Mao and an Thief called TheDarkShado. These fighters seek are summond by an Oracle, to do complete a favor for him. What is this favor? Find out in futher episodes!



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

way 2 fkin short

u need 2 make it a lot longer about 5 mins will be beter or longer try 2 make the next 1 longer pls it good but way 2 fucking short

TheDarkGhost responds:

Im already working on it, and ill update it soon, but im going to a camp tomorrow and ill be gone for bout 9 days, and after that i got another camp ><
but ill try to do it as soon as i can


Rated 1 / 5 stars


The graphics were good, and it seemed interesting, and then suddenly, ended...and I was Did it just end? Seriously thats the shortest thing I've ever seen on Newgrounds. Waat I saw was OK, but I fail to see the battle, or point.

Okay so you say there will be more, but perhaps you should make them longer, alot longer than this, because I realy don't think that the NG people will like how short this is, and how little content there actualy is there. If you think this is a mean review, you haven't seen some of the jerks who watch our stuff around here...

TheDarkGhost responds:

I dont think your review is mean :P i appreciate it, and all the review said it was short, but i already warned for that. Im going to make it longer, but im happy you guys like the idea.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Hmmmm, let's see.

Well, I have to tell you. The explanation/synopsis of the story really didn't do too much for me intrigue-wise. It's almost as if it’s either stating the obvious (things we can find out for ourselves from just watching), or trying too hard to be captivating, giving away major details of what's going on too soon (sometimes, if done right, this works, but....).

Also, the flash was kinda dark. Even if it was suppose to be night, I almost had to squint to take in the backgrounds. But on good note, those BGs were good enough selections for me to want to take them in instead of ignore them (+ points there! ^_^). This “darkness” problem also extended into one of the charas. dialogue, as I could barely read his words.


I DO like the notion of a series set in the 'Maple Story' universe, and Newgrounds could add this, if not done already. The music was pretty cool and fitting to the scenes and the visuals (besides the above) were good, especially the charas. themselves. All this series needs is to fix these problems (sharpen the synopsis, put “night time brightness” to enable viewers to see the surroundings (campfires, lanterns, moonlight and stars, etc.), put in “next” options to allow viewers to read through dialogue at their own pace, etc.) and it could do very well. Good Luck with this!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Add it to your next one

If this gets blammed, don't give up. You said you would add more to the series, so when you do just combine it with this one. Oh, and its spelt 'wHich', and if your English 'favoUr'


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

It looked so promising...

Honestly, this looked good, but it was cut short. Finish this up, and it may pass.