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UPDATE : Woot thanks for FP Tom! We love the publicity =D
XceeD and Coolio-Niato bring you this collaboration of rhythm based minigames. It includes 6 different games, 3 to unlock. Unlock a game by scoring a trophy on the two games above it. We hope you enjoy all the hard effort and hundreds of glitch tests we've put into this.

Enjoy =)


Good ideas and mix of music games! Still glitches

Music : Great
Concept : Great
Difficulty : Great
Control : Medium

Up to now, I never had any control difficulties in a flash game. This game is the first one to have visual glitches where the element skip.
Dance Dance actually have major synchro issus where the arrow desapear and reapear on top... or where the arrow speed change at some part.
On top, a glitch on it that make you, when you miss 1, miss all other even if you do them perfect. (like if the "bad (0)" was stick to whatevery ou can do)

As for the music relay, the only thing that got on my nerves is the fact that, if you miss some, you automaticly are out (you can't get up fast enought to do the next 2 obstacle as your head is still on the ground backward.)

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One word.

Awesome! =o)

Good games

Relay- Great, hardly any cons i could find, the speed up made it very fun

Midnight- My favorite song in this entire thing, it got very challenging after the...what was it...84th second set? When the green gears just start getting huge?

Masher- Decent, timing is a bit off

Revolution- I would have slowed it down, way too fast for regular fingers, and i would have used the original song, or at least a trance song. That messed up not and screeching voice that ruined axel f is still ringing in my ear.

Disk Jockey- Got very challenging after the second disk.
Never made it to the last, it must of been awesome.

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Love the music!the gameplay is alright

its quite an alright game with great music,but boring after a while.P.S.i was high on ecstasy playin Midnight minigame and that trips u out in agood way!

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great game =)

music relay- 9/10
PROS: fun game and exciting when u get real far
CONS:can get very annoying after a couple of tries

great game but could be better =3

PROS:easy game if you read the insructions
CONS:ppl dont read the instructions and get real confused

not really my type of game=(

Beat Masher-10/10
PROS:perfect game all in all and all notes are in synch w/ the music


Dance Dance 10/10
PROS:like DDR ppl who play the game will know what to do
CONS: (once again I cant think of any)

loving the game and the Axel F song lol

Disk Jockey-4/10
PROS: can be pretty fun.
CONS:the scores to get the trophys are too high up and only 1 DISK IS NEEDED PLZ

too hard for me to beat =(

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3.95 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2007
7:42 PM EDT