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Story of Mardigan

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This is a quick one that I made when I had nothing better to do. I think its pretty good especially at the end.

Sorry about the occasional stutter I was really tired.

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I love random humor.

The storyline is what makes this flash so great. The animation was choppy in some places, but the plot definately made up for that. I love how whenever you talked about Will Smith, Eddie Murphy's face popped up. The sound effects were unbearable though, my ears are on the verge of bleeding from them. Still, this submission was hilarious, I can't stop watching it.

I don't what your inspiration was for this flash, but it is an instant classic. The anding had me confused beyond belief, I had no idea where that came from. I like your sense of humor, it is very similar to mine. I hope to see more wacky adventures like this from you in the future. By the way, was this base of a true story? Anyway, keep up the good work!

Fuckin great

Could that be any more of a non-sequiter than it already is? It was awesome.


nice animation there! this is truly one of NG's best (??)!!!

the funny part is actually the things that you drew. They are freakin' badass!

So anyways, great work!

dude thats so cool

thanks dude thats just wat i needed :) its brilliant


That was random. But I like random. I don't understand why Eddie Murphy popped up when you mentioned Will Smith but its random.