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Def Beat

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PLEASE NOTE: The notes may seem out of sync with the music when played in a browser. Please don't criticize syncing please. Thank you. =)
Entry for the Rock Out competition.
This is my first game I've published on the Internet. I recommend reading the instructions before playing. Thank you for the music, made by Scribbler and Zakimations.

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Woo, yet another great Lockout entry! Playing the role of a note-shooting turret was a fun idea, and the music's pretty catchy too.... the only downside are the graphics. The NG LP looks great, but those notes in blue and pink and all kinds of contrasting colors not so much... and the tweened flames... would be cool with some additional effects and tweens, but as for gameplay, nice work!



it´s too fast man... i know that this is one of your first submissions but the notes goes faster

Nice try.... Still kinda ... Idk....

It's kinda too fast... you need to give these Newgroundians....(lol)Some time in first section like moving that 'bar' to begin or slow it down then like speed it up a bit...

Anyways Good try!
Keep fixin'

Also i liked the game but i just ... yeah kinda falled off... like i stopped cuz i though now its boring,

Anyways Very well try Keep playin'!

Overal: 6/10 - 3/5


way too easy and needs more songs also something about the sound quality broke my eardrums even though it wasn't very loud idk what it was but it was very annoying

It was ok.

It was ok, I think overall that it was kind of bland. The art wasn't too great and I had a hard time of trying to continue to play this game.