Tankmen Anniverary Collab

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NOTE: Co-Author's will be updated as soon as they are on my Portal Buddies list.

Users of the Art Forum unite together to bring you 50 pieces of Fanart celebtraing the ever popular Tankmen Series.

Although im not an expert in Flash, i threw somthing simple together so that i could present the work in a nice way.

Sorry for the quality messing up.

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lol at that dickship. This was a nice idea for a collab, and plenty of entertaining submissions in it. I suppose the co-authors list still needs some revising, but apart from that this was great. Nice work!


cool drawings

i wana know hoq to draw these


Where did the author get these,there pathetic.God


The consistency of the drawing ranged from poor to amazing, this is understandable since it is a colab but still

the aswome...

...is the first cool!