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My Longest Work Yet

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Author Comments

No Not my penis. nor is it a warhammer fan movie, nor is it a mcdonalds franchise, or samuel jackson, and no its not a grue. AND ITS NOT A FLAVOURED LAMP. so whatever it is, im not going to buy it.

babblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabbleebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabblebabble *stupid noises*



That was one of the weirdest flashes i have seen, but because of its randomness i am to give you 3 bonus stars cause i like randomness.


Omg, that has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my entire life. It was quite long, but it hilarious... lol. I can see your animation skills are getting better by the second! The sound effects were really good and it... was... just so... FUNNY! Plus it had my guy in it near the end. Go Frenzy!

Excellent job.

~ Z

Element responds:

hah i wasnt really trying to be good this time.. but thanks anyways! i made that a while ago but i never submitted it cuz i thought it would get blammed

I could feel brain cells screaming in deathly pain

Please for the love of what god may exist practice before making a flash movie. Also, make a flash about a topic that isn't completely a waste of time. If anything this flash should be banned because of the deaths of billions of user brain cells. >_>

Element responds:

well, i really wasnt trying.. it was supposed to be my LONGEST work yet, not my BEST.

more like your crapiest work

that was just a waste of time why don't you practice more before you submit something
you should make characters instead of pictures, draw them instead

Element responds:

i eat characters, so i have to use the pictures. so sorry, i hope the soccer camp is going well for you though. :(

Not good

I'm sorry but i found that really terrible. Next time make the characters walk and fight maybe, i don't know. Just make it better.

Element responds:


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Credits & Info

1.70 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2007
5:56 PM EDT
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