The Pick of Destiny

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Edit 02/19/08: I added a replay button and a auto save function. Also, I fixed a glitch that made the game easier and some other minor glitches :)

1337 Edit: So after a few hours (like 3) of checking the engine, I finally saw the bug that led to the key glitch...so I fixed it! Enjoy the now bug-free (at least I think it is) version :D

All songs were taken from the audio portal because the contest rules demand it. PLEASE stop writing reviews complaining why I didn't use Tenacious D songs.

Edit: Oh wow frontpage...wasn't expecting that :D Thanks!
Edit: Thanks alot for 2nd NG! Means alot to me.

Hi everyone this is my entry for the Rock Out Contest. Please read this before you play.

This is your normal rythm game, with a fancy story. You have to hit the corresponding arrow key when it reacehs the top, you all know it. The twist is, the sacred guitar picks have beeen shattered. Only by dancing, you'll be able to recover their parts periodically. It is up to you to bring them back!

I worked really hard on this game...took me nearly 2 weeks, but I worked 4-8 hours a day every day. I hope you like it and find it enjoyable. Also, I put the quality on auto low on the game part because I don't want any complaints that this is lagging, so better safe than sorry :)



Nice one

Really nice job dudes!
i beated em all in just 1 time the most troubling was the Armor Games pick.
but anyway good job keep goin and rock out loud!!!!

LilDwarf responds:

"Dudes"? I made this game by myself hahaha Thanks for liking it, buddy.

I wanna know

What is the Lil Dwarf Pick song? It's so awesome. I just have to know!!!


very good


This game is pure fun also i love the songs can u please give me a list of all the songs please !


LilDwarf responds:

Ungh...I don't remeber the songs :S They're on the left of the page or on the credits part of the game.

This is it!

That's just like StepMania and I fucking love it!!! Especially the second last song. That song is so familiar but I don't remember it!! I LOVE ROCK!!
__ __
\ _\ /_/
\ _\ /_/
\_\ ___ ___ _ /_/
\ | |_|____ |
|___|___|_ | |

LilDwarf responds:

Who doesn't love rock? Thanks!

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Jun 29, 2007
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