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Three cookies if you can find out why I called it Flash Critical Beats!

Flash Critical Beats (FCB) is a new form of music game on Flash. FCB uses the innovative gameplays of the popular music game Elite Beat Agents and the awesome rock musics of the Newgrounds Audio Portal.

How to play: Using the mouse, click the beats at the exact time to acquire the most points. The Enter key pauses the game. (Playing on a laptop with no mouse is suicide o.O! It might be just too hard.)

Comments: I had a lot of fun making this game. I spent several days continuously in making the gameplay as fun as possible and syncing the beats to the music as well as I could. I really hope to win the Rock Out competition. Good luck to all the competitors.

Disclaimer: Playing on a Tablet computer would probably bring out the most of the game. Using a mouse is fine, too. It makes it a bit harder, but nonetheless, playable. However, THIS GAME IS HELL ON A LAPTOP PAD. Racing to each beat on a laptop (with no mouse) CAN CAUSE YOU TO GO CRAZY. If your laptop does break in the process of playing (ie. from you banging it so hard because it won't make it in time), it is not my fault. You have been warned, sort of.

If anyone wants to create their own songs and notes for FCB, PM me. If enough people do PM me, I'll create a note maker (like F2Jam) and freely distribute it.

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Another great Rock Out entry! I like the idea, the way each beat pops up at seemingly random places and need to be hit at the right time for points, some in a certain sequence. At times I feel like the beat isn't really synced, mostly during the last beat in a sequence of two or three, but maybe that's just me. Either way, great game, good music; smooth gameplay. Keep it going!


Put zenyoku shonen and zoku

That feeling!

I overall enjoyed it but the osu! and EBA feeling isn't there for me. Sorry. But overall good.

cant play D:

i just click play and nothing happens


Its fun but yeah... it doesn't have that osu! feelin but its still good the only thing i kept messing up is trying to use the keyboard buttons but there arent any.

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3.51 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2007
9:50 AM EDT