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Blobb: Trailer

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Hello Newgrounds. This trailer you are about to see is for a series I am working on called Blobb. Expect episode one to be out this summer. It will be entitled: Blobb Goes to School, so look out for it. I am hoping for the series to be a big hit, and that each episode, will be between 10 - 15 minutes long. Enjoy!

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That was

That was good .but when is the second blobb comin' out?

muflubbagon1 responds:

Thanks. It will be out soon.


^^Good Points^^
Looks like it could be a promising series with some really random but still quite enjoyable humor. You had pretty good art in this movie, with detailed backgrounds to accompany other images. Looks promising.

^^Needs Improving^^
Having a movie about blobs isn't the most original idea, and usually it is frowned upon for its simplicity. Still, looks like you just may be able to pull it off.

muflubbagon1 responds:

Thankyou. Episode one is coming soon, and it is going well, I will be using a lot of dry humor! :)

Not the greatest thing to have come through.

Yeh, it was Ok for an amature attempt, but i've seen better come through form unexperianced artists. I didn't fully understand what was going on towards the end, but you did make a couple of jokes. It wasn't very long, even by a flash movie's standards, and unless you're trying to develop an interesting drawing style, your art hasn't improved much since your earlier work.

sorry, but i won't be watching the full "blob" siries when it does come out.

muflubbagon1 responds:

Maybe you could improve on your spelling. I do not understand what a "siries" is. I'll just try to prove you wrong in the first episode.

It has potential, but..

For one, the music wasn't so catchy (others can disagree). And I know were drawing blobs, but maybe you can make up for it in more animation/neatness, although, it was only a trailer, so I might check it out. But this thing doesn't have me begging for more.

muflubbagon1 responds:

I'll try and impress you anyway. Thanks for the review.

Man you dint even try !

if you sit down and start making a flash for a month or two and read the tutorials then you will be good but using static imagery and just moving still images is not the right way

muflubbagon1 responds:

I know, i'm not very proud of this trailer. I could've done better.