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Another Maple Story

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Ok, so you may not know your Victoria Island from your Kerning City, but if you've ever spent time level grinding in ANY online world you'll LOL at these online misadventures. The follow-up film to "The True MapleStory" this sequel stares blankly into many complaints I have with all MMORPGs from insane quests to hackers, noobs and online romance. So why MS? Its just easier to draw than WoW!
**Thanks for Frontpage! You are so good to me =)

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this animation is still really good ohh and before i forget the intro and outro song is called Mucho Mejor

Even if the leveling of the original maple back in 03~06 (Maple came out in North america in 2005) was nightmarish.. Like, it took me 3 years to get to level 70 on my first char a Cleric, XXGundamWing.. fuck I fuckedu p sorry

it was like impossible to level without a party. The game was ALL about socialization. That's why I loved it! However nowadays that game went to weeaboo shit and lost all it's original charm. Back in the day a lot of adults played it, even though I was 10 and I was a retard, I made a lot of friends that helped me survive my EXTREME suicidal depression and isolation and constant abuse.

Sad to know that I've lost contact with all my old friends from Maple for like a decade. Crazy shit.

But it's good to see some maple flashes on here :)

This is the History of Maplestory 2003-2009 [pre big bang] Let's PT together and lvl up. 2010-now: CC PLOX im handling this.

Hmm, that login_exe was a bit suspicious, might want to put in a more friendly entry screen. :P Not that I'd suspect a five year old front page winner, but still... the story itself is great though, plenty of adventure, different characters, varied sceneries and events and good fun... not to mention it's easy to relate to the games too! Great voice acting, keep it up.


LOL. I used to play maple. How is this film so close to the real thing?!

Anyway, very well done.